Applying Full False Nails

This is the best way I have found to apply full false nails to make them last. This is the process I use to apply the nails I sell on eBay,  but relates to any other full false nails :)!

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What are full false nails?


Step by step instructions:

Step 1Picking out the right size nails

Step 2Preparing your nails

Step 3Dehydrating your nails

Step 4Gluing the false nails on

Step 5Final top coat



What are full false nails?
  • For those of you who are new to full false nails, they cover the whole of your natural nail plate and are used to add length. They come in all different sizes depending on how long or short you want them.
  • I have tried and tested the nails I use/sell and come up with the best way to apply them in order to make them last. This way, you can wear the nails for a full week ^_^! Most full false nails can also be removed and re-applied at a later date if they have been kept in good condition.


The stuff you'll need.
The main equipment you will need

Step by step instructions:

Step 1 – Picking out the right size nails:

  • Pick out individual false nails that match your natural nails in size. Most false nails will come in a pack of 24 so you’re guaranteed to find ones that fit.
Lining up the false nails
Lining up the false nails
  • When picking out your sizes, you want the false nail to cover the whole of your natural nail plate. The size of the false nails can be tweaked by filing either the tip or side walls (you need to be a bit more careful with designed false nails as it could mean filing away some of the design :[).
  • Next, place your chosen nails out in the order you want to glue them on. I recommend starting with both your little fingers and working your way up to your thumbs – so you can use your index fingers and thumbs until the end.

Set them out in the order you want to apply them


Step 2 – Preparing your nails:

– Firstly, remove any previous nail polish etc. from your natural nails – they need to be nice and clean. Smoothing a cotton pad over your nail with a few drops of nail polish remover on should do the job 🙂

Removing old nail polish
Stubborn glitter nail polish is the worst to remove >_<


– If you have a cuticle stick, gently push your cuticles back – this helps prevent the false nail from lifting and will allow you to place it lower down on your natural nail.

Be careful not to push too hard as its a sensitive area

Be careful not to push too hard as its a sensitive area

Step 3 – Dehydrating your nails:

– Lightly file your nail plate to remove any moisture. Once they look a white-ish colour, brush the dust away so it doesn’t get caught under your false nail (it can cause lifting if the dust gets trapped underneath). This process helps the false nail adhere to your natural nail, making them last longer.

Dehydrate your nail plate
File until your nail turns a white-ish colour 🙂

TipI file one fingernail, apply the false nail, file the next one, and so on. This way, you avoid letting moisture accumulate on your natural nails that have already been filed, but are yet to have been fixed with a false nail.


Step 4 – Gluing the false nails on:

– To apply your false nails, either add the glue to your natural nail (making sure you cover the whole nail plate) or to the false nail, covering only the part which will be applied to the plate of your natural nail. Most people prefer to add the glue to the false nail.

I prefer to apply the glue to the false nail

– Hold each nail down for 20-25 seconds. Don’t press down too lightly or too firmly. Too lightly, and the nail may not stick properly, too firmly and you risk losing some glue (as it can seep out from underneath the false nail). Somewhere in the middle will do :).

Press not too lightly or firmly :)
Push down on different areas of the nail to make sure it all sticks down 🙂

Step 5 – Final top coat:

– I recommend you apply 1 or 2 top coats to finish your manicure off (even if you have purchased mine which have already been top coated) – you can never have enough top coats in my opinion; it makes your nails stronger and the design last longer.

Final top coat to make your nails look beautiful
Final top coat to make your nails look beautiful

TipTop coats can get worn down overtime, so if you have the time then you should smooth a layer on every few days or so. If you are unsure: a topcoat is a clear liquid that you brush over your finished manicure to make it stronger and shinier. You can find topcoats in most beauty stores.

Enjoy your gorgeous nails!
Enjoy your gorgeous nails!

So that’s it! I hope it goes well for you. Even if you follow these instructions, it still takes time to get it right or the way you want it – it took me a while. Goodluck!

If you have any of your own tips or tricks then please comment below ^_^