Penguin Awareness Day! Auction and Tutorial!

You heard right 🙂 January 20th marks Penguin Awareness Day!

And what a reason to celebrate – they’re adorable!

I absolutely love penguins, so I decided to make some penguin nails for the occasion! Let me know if you like them :].

Penguin-nails-on  Full-set Final-close-upPenguins-FInished

PS: These nails will also be up for auction here for 5 days. Show your love for the cutest fattest birds on our planet.

If you want to make this penguin design for your self, here’s how I made them. Enjoy :)!


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Equipment I used for this design

Step by step instructions

Step 1 – Choosing your nails

Step 2 – Drawing your penguin

Step 3 – Cutting & applying the tape

Step 4 – Applying the nail varnish & removing tape

Step 5 – Creating the eyes with rhinestones

Step 6 – Making the beak

Step 7 – Filing & final top coat


Equipment I used for this design:

The stuff you'll need

The stuff you’ll need

Full false nails – I used 4 white ones for the penguins & plain black for the rest

– Masking tape & a pen- to make the eyes & white belly

– Scissors – to cut out the eyes and belly

Black nail polish – for the penguins body (I chose black China Glaze)

Cuticle stick – to help remove the tape & neaten the design

Gold/orange nail art pen (or nail polish) – for the beak

Nail file – for rounding off the square corners

Rhinestones – for the eyes (I chose blue:))

Clear UV gel top coat (or clear nail varnish top coat)– to secure the rhinestones

Cleanser plus & lint free wipes – to remove the sticky residue from the UV gel

UV lamp – to cure the UV gel

Step by step instructions

Step 1 – Choosing your nails

I decided on white nails for the penguins, and plain black for the rest. Plain white nails would also look really good instead of the black :). This design could be done on your natural nails, but I find it a lot easier to do on false nails so I can use both my hands.

Step 2 – Drawing your penguin

Cut off a piece of masking tape and stick it over one of your nails.


Taking your pen, draw on two eyes and the penguins belly. These can be as big or as small as you want, and any shape i.e. you may prefer circular eyes rather than oval eyes.

Draw a semi circle for the belly and two circles for eyes

Draw a semi circle for the belly and two circles for eyes – it should look like a grumpy face 🙁

Step 3 – Cutting & applying the tape

Next, cut out the penguins eyes and belly you have just made, and stick them in place on your chosen nail.

Tip – Small scissors will be a lot easier to use, I used big chunky scissors like you can see in the picture – they were a nightmare to use, especially when trying to cut out the small eyes!


Your better off with smaller scissors than this.

Step 4 – Applying the nail polish & removing the tape

Before applying your black nail polish, make sure all the edges of the tape are stuck down so that no nail varnish can seep underneath – this can be really annoying :(.

I used Black Diamond from China Glaze, which you can get here if you want :).

China-GlazeDepending on how dark your nail varnish is, you may need to apply 2 coats if the first one isn’t black enough.



Once dry, you can now carefully remove the tape. I use the pointed end of the cuticle stick to help lift the sides up.

Tip – if the design doesn’t come out as neat or as smooth as you would have liked, then the cuticle stick is a great way to help clean up the edges.

Not too penguin-y yet.

Not too penguin-y yet.

Step 5 – Creating the eyes with rhinestones

Firstly, apply a UV gel top coat over your whole nail. If you are using a normal clear nail varnish top coat, then the rhinestones will need to be applied quickly before the nail polish dries up. If it does then just add more to the area that needs it 🙂


Dip the tip of your cuticle stick in to your nail varnish or UV gel and use it to pick up your rhinestones.


Picking-up-diamantes-with-cuticle-stickSimply position them on the eye where you would like them to go and cure it under the UV lamp to secure them in place 🙂

Now he can see :)

Now he can see 🙂

Getting a sun-tan :)

Getting a sun-tan 🙂

Once cured, remove the sticky residue with your cleanser plus and lint free wipe.

Clean him up

Clean him up

Step 6 – Making the beak

Next, take your nail art pen and simply create an upside down triangle for the penguins beak.

Use your nail art pen to give Mr.penguin a beak

Use your nail art pen to give Mr. Penguin a beak


I found that the tip of the nail art pen wasn’t small enough to make good detail, but using the cuticle stick really helps in straightening up the edges.

Step 7 – Filing & final top coat

With your nail file, gently file down the square corners of your nail to give the round appearance of a penguin.

make him round

Make him round

Tip – Filing in one direction will prevent the nail from splitting or chipping.

Once your penguin is nice and round, apply your final top coat and cure under the UV gel lamp. Simply wipe away the sticky residue and your penguin is now complete 🙂


Final tip – Do the design on larger nails (your thumbs for example) to give the appearance of a big fat healthy penguin ^_^

 Penguins-FInished Penguin-nails-on Full-set Nails-on-palm Final-close-up

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