Top 5: The Baftas best dressed (and nail polishes to match!)

Here are my top 5 dresses from the Baftas which took place on Sunday 16th. I have also shown an image of the nail polish I would have chosen to wear with the dress :)! If you want to know more about the nail polish or want to purchase some, simply click on the image of the bottle.

My favourite outfit from the night was the matching outfits worn by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – what a gorgeous couple! I decided to make some nails based on their outfits which you can see at the end :)!

The images used below of the celebrities are not my own (obviously – I wish ;)) they are from who did a great article on the outfits worn at the Baftas πŸ™‚

Brangelina-black-china-glazeUp first is ‘Brangelina’ because they are my absolute favourite! One of the best looking celebrity couples (can’t be forgetting about David Beckham and Victoria Beckham)! Some may find the black and white look to be a bit plain, but she definitely doesn’t need a fancy dress to look good! Scroll to the bottom to see the nails I made to match their outfits πŸ™‚

Emerald-greenSecond on my list is Lupita Nyong’o she looks beautiful! What I loved most about this dress was the colour; a gorgeous silky green just in time for Spring! This Barry M emerald green nail varnish is the perfect match for this dress with its gorgeous shimmery finish. If you’re not keen on the emerald, they also have a ‘spring green’ colour which can also be found through the amazon link.

Hope-Harris-Pink-OPINext up is Naomie Harris. Again, what a great dress to wear to prepare for Spring; it’s so bright and bold. As you can see from the picture she opted for black nail polish to match her belt and bag which goes perfectly! However, I loved the colour of her dress so much I bought this OPI hot pink nail varnish to match. Has anyone used this before? I hope the colour looks as good as it does on the picture! πŸ™‚

Lilly-allen-Orange-barry-MYes, another bright colour but I LOVE bright colours! Maybe I’m just ready for summer? Here, Lily Allen’s dress really makes her stand out from the crowd; not only is the dress made up of two bright colours, it has a matching hair piece and a large bow on the back of the dress! I thought this ‘Block Orange’ nail paint by Barry M was a perfect colour match for the dress – but maybe it would be a bit too much if she had wore this colour nail varnish as well? However, if you look closely at the picture I’m sure I can see some orange on her nails, so maybe not πŸ˜‰

Samantha-barksLast, but definitely not least is Samantha Barks. She definitely didn’t need any bright bold colours to stand out! Instead she opted for this gorgeous slim fitted pearl dress, which I think is gorgeous! You can see her nails in this picture and it looks like she has gone for the natural look of wearing no nail varnish. However, if she was to wear some, I think this beautiful OPI ‘Kyoto Pearl Nail Lacquer’ would go really well with her dress, what do you think?

Finally, here are the nails I created to match Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s outfits. These nails were pretty easy to create considering there was only two colours to work with, but that was the beauty of their outfits; simple yet gorgeous!

I will be listing these nails on eBay soon!!

I will be listing these nails on eBay soon!!

To create this look I used plain white nails and black China Glaze nail polish (you can purchase this nail polish by clicking the bottle in the top picture). I placed masking tape over half of the white nail, and smoothed the black nail polish over the other side. Once dry, remove the masking tape and you will be left with a gorgeous division between the two colours. Applying a final clear top coat will make them extra secure and shiny!

The black China Glaze has a great shine to it, which I thought was a great match to Angelina’s shiny black belt and shiny stripes down the side of her trousers.

So what does everyone else think of these dresses? Who would you pick as your favourite? Also, let me know if any of you have used the nail polishes I chose, are they any good?

4 thoughts on “Top 5: The Baftas best dressed (and nail polishes to match!)

  1. Ambers Nail's

    your nails look gorgeous!! great post nice to see a bit of brad phwoarr xx

    • Thankyou very much! and I know – had to include him! x

  2. Wendy J

    Yep they are defo the best looking couple. All the nail polishes look gorgeous I have the orange barry M wish I had that dress to go with it! x

    • Oooh yeah the orange Barry M looks really nice! I think I’ll buy it in the summer!

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