Floral Design Day

Today is the 28th February 2014 which also happens to be none other than “Floral Design Day,” – obviously a world famous holiday celebrated around the world. Or just by me.

I enjoyed making these nails because I am really looking forward to the arrival of Spring! I can already feel it, it’s getting warmer and I’m starting to see colourful flowers springing up!

Anyway, whether you knew it was or not, here’s a pretty floral design that I made for this day – do you like it 😀 ?

If you want these nails for yourself, they are available in my shop here as an auction, lasting for 5 days. 

So here are the nails:

zoom-out-of-nailspink-flower-tree-lilac-nailsclose-up-lilac-floral-nailsclose-up-angle-of-lilac-floral-nailsWhat do you think 🙂 ?


2 thoughts on “Floral Design Day

  1. Laura

    Awww they are gorgeous!!! I love the tree with the leaves falling off wow! xx

  2. Wendy J

    Very nice I think I’ll have a bid! x

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