OPI & Max Factor Mystery Polishes

So I was recently looking through my nail polish stash when I came across these two mini nail polishes. They were both still brand new, I hadn’t used them before so I thought I’d try them out!

The mystery of these polishes is that I have no idea what they are! I can’t find a colour name on either of the bottles. I’ve had a Google but found no such luck, there are far too many similar colours (especially in the OPI collection) for me to decipher which they could be 🙁 !

Here are the two mystery nail polishes:

"Pink" Max Factor

“Pink” Max Factor

This nail polish was so easy to smooth over my nails and you can even get away with only wearing one coat of it, though I decided to go for two :)!

This picture doesn’t really show the true colour of this nail polish due to the lighting conditions :(, the colour of the varnish is actually more ‘shocking’ than it appears here.

Not only did I love the colour, it didn’t need a topcoat because it was already very shiny! Though I suppose it would be helpful to add a topcoat for protection :). Either way, I really enjoyed wearing this polish :D.

"Wine red" OPI

“Wine red” OPI

Red-OPI-nail-polishWhen I was applying this nail varnish, it needed at least 2 coats, preferably 3 as it went on quite thin. It went darker, nicer and shinier with each coat I applied.

This nail polish was dark, but yet still full of vibrancy and colour; not like many dark nail varnishes  where the darkness overpowers the colour -_- ! So that’s a definite plus!

So there they are – the OPI & Max Factor mystery polishes! Does anyone have any input in to what official colour they might be? The closest I could find for the OPI one was this one here.


4 thoughts on “OPI & Max Factor Mystery Polishes

  1. Great nail polishes! I have the mini pink Max Factor one, it’s called Disco Pink. 🙂

    • Ohh thank you :D! I’m glad to finally have a name for it! I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere! xx

  2. Laura

    I’m not sure but the OPI one is gorgeous!! I’ll check back hopefully someone will know lol! 🙂 The Max Factor one is really nice too xx

  3. Wendy J

    I have OPI I’m not really a waitress but urs looks lighter so im not sure

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