Happy Pancake Day!

It’s Shrove Tuesday! A perfect day (excuse) to have (somewhat) guilt free sugary treats!! To celebrate the occasion I have made some pancake day nails 😀 !

To create these nails I used this gorgeous ‘Golden Vision‘ nail polish by Avon to represent the pancakes! Avon is very quickly becoming my favourite nail polish brand; great price, big bottle, perfect nail polish brush and creates long lasting manicures! I love it!



For the toppings I chose strawberries, chocolate, syrup and sugar! I told you they were sugary 😉 !


I used a gold nail art pen to create the syrup, hexagon shiny brown glitter pieces to represent the chocolate drops, clear glitter to represent the sugar and fimo slices for the strawberries! Finally, to give the design a more rounded pancake look I filed off the corners of my nails 🙂 .

So what’s your favourite topping to have on your pancakes? And what’s your opinion on Avon nail polish? I can’t wait to buy more!

3 thoughts on “Happy Pancake Day!

  1. Ambers Nail's

    Gotta be nutella, honey and sugar, I go all out! hehe happy pancake day! xx

  2. Jenny

    I’ve never seen pancake nails before! Really cute!

  3. Yummy- these look fantastic and delicious at the same time!!!

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