Lily Allen Air Balloon Nail Art Competition

This is so exciting! I was emailed not long ago by someone informing me of a Lily Allen nail art competition, and whether I would be interested in taking part and letting Nailsxo readers aware of it.

Lily Allen recently released her single ‘Air Balloon‘ and to celebrate she has launched a competition to design a set of nails for her to model. To learn more about this competition, visit here.

If you have watched Lily Allen’s Air Balloon video then you will understand the inspiration for my nails:


Which is your favourite nail?

Which is your favourite nail?

After watching Lily Allen’s video, I could not decide what to base my design on! There was so much inspiration! In the end, I chose to implement several of my favourite scenes:

I loved the part where she is dancing on the grass and big mushrooms start to sprout all around her – so I created this over two of the nails.

There is also a scene near the end where it starts to leave the edge of Earth and enters Space – I therefore made this happen over the next two nails; the clouds, then the edge of Earth, and then Space.

For the final nail, the inspiration came from the animals featured in the video – a Zebra and a Cheetah.

To make these nails look more edgy, I filed them into a point and placed a rhinestone on the very end. I also placed metallic striping tape going down each side of the nails from the pointed edge.

These were so much fun to make, and I have my fingers crossed for the competition which ends tomorrow (the 24th)! So what do you think of my nails? Which is your favourite? (Comment box is at the very bottom of the page).

Emily xo

These nails also fit in nicely with this weeks theme (for FingerFood’s Theme Buffet) which is ‘Freestyle’! You can check out the other ladies nails in this group below:





13 thoughts on “Lily Allen Air Balloon Nail Art Competition

  1. Amazing design, good luck!!!

  2. wow, you’ve put so much work into these!! they look great!! good luck, Emily!!!

    • Thank you! I did a little bit on the nails each day, I figured if I tried to do it all at once I would be there for hours :p! Thanks again! x

  3. These look great! I love all the details and the thought you put into these! And I absolutely adore the metallic striping tape with the rhinestone, those are so edgy! Good luck!

    • Aw thank you! 😀 I wanted to do something cool and a bit different so I did a few practice designs on paper first :D! xx

  4. These are fabulous! So much thought behind each part of the design – awesome! 🙂

    • Glad you like them 😀 thank you xx

  5. These look great! I love the crazy sparkliness 🙂 Good luck!!

    • Thank you!! I love using glitter so I tried to get it in wherever it would fit :p xx

  6. They are super cool…. love how u incorporated all things n still it doesn’t look overdone. It’s classy n sassy. All the best

    • Thank you, very kind of you to say so 🙂 ! xx

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