My Mum’s 50th Birthday Nails

It’s my mum’s 50th birthday on Monday and she’s going away for a few days to relax. Here are the 50th birthday nails I did for her 😀 . She only wanted something simple and without too much colour (because she hasn’t decided what she wants to wear yet and they might not match haha). We decided on the traditional white tip French manicure, with a few pale coloured rhinestones 🙂 .

White-tip-French-manicure-with-rhinestonesMum's-50th-birthday-nails50th-birthday-nails-white-tip-French-manicureFrench-manicure-white-tip-and-rhinestonesI started by squaring off her natural nails with a nail file, and I used nail guides when painting on the white tip 🙂 ! I secured the rhinestones and top coated the whole design with UV gel so that she doesn’t have to worry about it coming off whilst she’s away 😀 !

Happy 50th Birthday Mum (for Monday 😉 ) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

3 thoughts on “My Mum’s 50th Birthday Nails

  1. Happy Birthday to your mum! These are so nice! I love the little rhinestones you added – they work really well with the french tips! 🙂

  2. Really nice and elegant manicure.
    Happy Birthady to your mother.

  3. Thank you glad you both like it 😀 I will make sure I pass your lovely messages on to my mum, if she hasn’t seen them already 😀 xxxxx

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