Fishtail Braided Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial

Good afternoon readers! 🙂

Today I have for you a “Fishtail Braided Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial” 😀 ! This was FingerFood’s theme for the week, and as usual I decided to make a tutorial as I went along 🙂 .

For now I only have a picture tutorial, but I have actually made a video of it which I will be uploading on to my Instagram very soon 😀 – it is my first one so I am super excited to edit it and get it out there 🙂 !

Firstly, here is what my fishtail mani looks like:

Fishtail-Braided-neon-mani-nail-art-tutorial-step-by-stepAnd here is the step by step picture tutorial:

fishtail-braided-mani-6-step-by-step-tutorial-nail-artHope that tutorial was helpful and don’t forget to check out my Instagram video which will be up soon 🙂 ! As it’s my first one I have a lot to improve on but I hope you like it and I am open to feedback on how I can improve 🙂 !

braided-fish-tail-mani-neon-colours-step-by-step-tutorial-in-the-gardenFishtail-braided-step-by-step-nail-art-tutorial-neon-nail-polisjFishtail-braided-step-by-step-nail-art-tutorial-neon-coloursw7-neon-pink-nail-polish-for-braided-fishtail-step-by-step-tutorialnails-in-the-garden-neon-nail-polish-step-by-step-braided-fishtail-tutorialIt was a beautiful day here in England yesterday so it only made sense to get some pictures outside in the natural light 😀 ! Hopefully this lovely weather will carry on – it makes for much nicer pictures!

So what do you think of this nail design? It sure does require a lot of patience -_- ! It was my first time as well and I wasn’t overly happy with it – the perfectionist side of me would have liked the lines to be straighter and more even, but ah well 😀 ! 

Those familiar with this design may notice that I actually start from the free edge of my nail (which is the opposite to the usual way people do it), I just find this angle easier that’s all 🙂 .

Thanks for reading & I hope this is helpful for those of you who haven’t tried this design yet xo

19 thoughts on “Fishtail Braided Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial

  1. Jen

    How funny I have just been editing a video of this look. Love the colours you have used here 🙂
    jen x

    • Thank you 🙂 ! Yeah how funny! I will have to check it out 😀 x

  2. I love the colours you’ve chosen! I started at the top and worked my way down for my braid mani… haven’t done one in so long, you have inspired me to do another one soon!

  3. Beautiful mani and great tutorial too! 🙂

  4. In forms of seriousness no joke this is gorgeous love love love am never this excited about nails but I really like this. At first they look really hard but with the tutorial it becomes easier.

    • Aw that is really kind of you to say thanks so much! That’s the beauty of this manicure, it looks really complicated when it’s actually not 😀 xx

  5. Lovely mani n awesome tut. Cant wait to see on ig too ^_^ its perfect but u can zoom a little more that’s it

    • Thanks for the feedback 😀 ! Won’t be long until it’s on IG hopefully 🙂 ! I definitely agree with you about it being zoomed in more, the video I made is the same, so for my next one I will definitely try and get it closer 🙂 thanks again xx

  6. These look so cute, I love the bright colors!

    • Thanks! I’m going to be doing more neon designs now it’s sunny! 😀

  7. love the bright colours and super cute weave patterns on your nails! <3

    Check out my latest posts on the Blog and Happy Easter! 🙂
    AL xx
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  8. This looks amazing <3 And I actually like how you start at the opposite end of the nail in your tutorial and "braid" in the opposite direction. Usually, I see it going the other direction <3

    • Thank you <3 ! Yeah for some reason I find it easier going in this direction 😀 xx

  9. Brilliant tutorial hunny …..i am about to attempt one of these so glad I found yours ….great how you do this from the free edge down rather than the other way as I have seen ….Thank you …..going to try and find you on ig now mine is @lala_lacquer xxxx

    • Glad you liked the tutorial 😀 I have seen your nails now on IG and they’re fab! I will let you know once I’ve uploaded it :D! xxxxxxx

  10. Woo this is beautiful 🙂
    I love trying different nail art designs…and will surely gonna go for this braid design

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