Easy Striping Tape Nail Art Tutorial

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing great 😀 .

Today I just have a quick tutorial I want to share with you all. When I was making those yummy Ice Cream nails last week, I really liked how the nails looked before the ‘Ice Cream’ was applied:

gold-criss-cross-easy-striping-tape-design-step-by-step-tutorialSo I decided to redo them and make this little “Easy Striping Tape Nail Art Tutorial” of how I did them, it’s pretty straight forward really 😀 :

easy-step-by-step-gold-striping-tape-nail-art-tutorial-criss-cross-designTo see how to turn these nails into Ice Cream, see my Ice Cream nail tutorial from last week here.

So that’s all for today hope you like 😀 !

Emily xo

9 thoughts on “Easy Striping Tape Nail Art Tutorial

  1. omg I love this mani its a great look for a night out! great job 🙂

    • Aw thanks glad you think so! 😀 xx

  2. mynailpolishonline

    I really love how this looks, great job!

  3. What great idea and the result looks gorgeous 🙂

    • Aw thank you so much!! 😀 xx

  4. Sithembile

    Hi Emely, I really love doing nails at home but my problem is that, the brush gets sticky when i apply primer and powder. so I am not sure if I bought the correct acrylic powder. Is there a difference or they are the same. I normally use acetone to clean my brush but it is always hard, what can I use to clean it, must I try UV Gel and see if it works?

    • Hi there thanks for your comment. Acrylic can be a bit annoying like that sometimes. I would suggest pouring some Monomer (the liquid used to create the acrylic) into a little dish and then cleaning your brush in there. The Monomer is quite strong and so it’s helpful for cleaning brushes. It’s when the Monomer is mixed with the acrylic powder (Polymer) that it becomes all sticky. I think that that acrylic powder you are using will be the right one.

      I personally prefer using UV gel when I’m doing nails, if you need to know how to do them I have instructions here http://www.nailsxo.com/creating-uv-gel-nails/

      I hope this helps. If you need anything else you can email me too at emilynailsxo@outlook.com

  5. Sithembile

    sorry Emely, I normally apply primer, let it dry and then apply Monomar and power. So I am not sure what is wrong with the acrylic I normally use.

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