Cute Daisy Nails for Spring

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not posting in a while I’ve been busy looking for a new part time job. The good news is that I have been successful, yay! The bad news is that my induction is on the same day as my birthday next week boo! I will post my lucky interview nails soon, I opted for a subtle pale pink 🙂 !

Today I thought I would show you these ‘Cute Daisy Nails for Spring’ which I made a few weeks ago but never got around to posting…


This picture is a bit bright oops!


I thought this mirror image looked quite cool :p

For this design I used:
Pistachio Ice Cream by MUA for the base colour
White by Pink Tease for the petals on the cute daisy

‘Sweetie’ Sugar Coat by Sally Hansen for the centre of the daisy

I have some new designs coming in the next few days that I’m quite proud of, including some twin nails I did with a nice girl I met on Instagram, and some nails ‘Inspired by a Polish Party member’ so look out to see if I was inspired by you 😉 !

In the meantime take care! xo

15 thoughts on “Cute Daisy Nails for Spring

  1. Lovely. I’m interested to read about your Lucky interview nails.

    • Thank you! That post should be up soon 😀 x

  2. These are really cute.

    Chloe @

  3. Hehe the mirror image definitely looks cool! I love the base colour you used and the daisies looks really fun and perfect for spring 🙂

    • Ooh ooh and I forgot: congratulations on getting the job! 😀

    • Thanks! And I’m glad you think the mirror image also looks cool, thought it might just be me :p xx

  4. These are super cute! Congrats on the new job!

    • Thank you very much! 😀 xx

  5. These are sooooooooo cute! Wish my nails looked like this all the time. Perfect for spring!

    • Aw thank you! Glad you think so! 🙂 x x x

  6. Are these your real nails?! These look so nice and such a nice shape! Such a cute design too. Love the colours!

    • Aw thank you glad you like them! Yep these are what my natural nails look like :)! xx

      • I love them, they are so much nicer natural! you should keep them 🙂 xx

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