Mermaid/Fish Scale Nail Art Tutorial

Afternoon everyone!

I haven’t had time recently to keep up with the weekly themes, but the Polish Party group is only once a month and the theme this time was ‘Inspired by a PP member’ so I just had to do this one 😀 !

I immediately chose Jayna from The Sequined Nail 🙂 ! She is so lovely and always comments on my work with positive feedback and I love looking at her nail art! Recently, she made some awesome freehand ‘Mermaid Scale Nails’ (see here). Most people use a stamping plate to create this look which I don’t have – so seeing Jayna’s freehand work really inspired me to go ahead and make them anyway 🙂 !

So here is my freehand ‘Mermaid/Fish Scale Nail Art Tutorial’:

mermaid-fish-scale-easy-step-by-step-picture-tutorialThis is the equipment I used:


In order: Green with Envy, Golden Vision, Azure, & the last one isn’t branded

And how I did the gradient on my nail:


I dabbed the sponge on to my nail, added more polish & repeated until it was opaque

As you can see from the equipment picture, I drew my scales on using an orange wood stick. I’m not sure why but I actually found it easier to do it this way 🙂 .


Hope you liked my interpretation of these nails and the tutorial 🙂 ! I’m in awe of your patience Jayna; I couldn’t have done another 3 nails, 2 was enough for me :p.

Thank you again for the inspiration Jayna. You have supported my work with lovely comments since I started this year and it hasn’t gone unnoticed, I appreciate it massively 🙂 ! This is my way of saying thank you 😀 !

Emily xo

14 thoughts on “Mermaid/Fish Scale Nail Art Tutorial

  1. This looks sooo good! I nearly did this design too. Love Jayna’s work 🙂 and it’s turned out soo well!

    • Aw thank you! I know she does great designs doesn’t she 😀 xx

  2. Emily I love this! I think the scales work really well as accent nails and I love the gradient! The tutorial is great too! I love your blog and your designs are always stunning! The ring your wearing in your tutorial is so nice too – I really need to buy some midi rings now!

    • Yay glad you like it 😀 ! I was worried it wouldn’t look very good if I didn’t do the scale on all of my nails but I actually like the way it turned out fortunately 🙂 . Yeah you should definitely get some midi rings, I wear them all the time now :p x

  3. Ali

    These are lovely! The glitter over the gradient is perfect, and the scales make awesome accents. Great job!

    • Thanks! Glad you think the scales look good as accents 😀 it definitely saves time :p x

  4. Great little tutorial !

  5. Ela

    I love both versions – yours and Janya! This deisgn’s amazing!:)

  6. These look gorgeous! I love the two Rimmel polishes. One of the first nail art designs I tried was fish scales, they didn’t turn out so well 😛

    • Thank you 🙂 ! Yeah the Rimmel polishes are gorgeous aren’t they, they look even better in real life 😀

  7. Gorgeous mani!

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