Lucky Interview Nails & Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish Review

Good evening!

As some of you may know already from a previous post, I had a job interview last week and I was successful 😀 ! So I thought I would share with you the nail polish I chose because you never know – it might prove lucky for you too! 🙂

The nail polish was ‘Ethereal‘ by Rimmel London:

Rimmel-London-60-seconds-nail-polish-Ethereal-review-swatchThis nail polish claims 2 things: 1. To be dry in 60 seconds and 2. Only one coat is needed.

The nail polish unfortunately does not dry in 60 seconds, it takes about 2 minutes to be fully dry (which is still good). After 60 seconds I definitely wouldn’t go and wash the dishes! As for the ‘one coat’, I found it needed two to be opaque and look good. Because the nail polish is pale in colour and quite sheer, the best results are probably gained from applying 3 coats.

Rimmel-london-60-seconds-nail-polish-swatch-reviewEthereal-Rimmel-London-60-Seconds-Nail-Varnish-Swatch-ReviewRimmel-London-60-Seconds-Nail-Polish-Ethereal-Swatch-and-ReviewFor the interview I wanted something subtle and classy, and I thought this nail polish was the perfect choice 🙂 ! I’m not sure where or when I bought it, it was just lying in my drawer, as if it was waiting for the interview day to say ‘hello I exist!’.

I was happy with my choice, but when I got back from the interview I couldn’t help but jazz it up a little by sprinkling some pink glitter over the top 😀 …

Ethereal-60-seconds-rimmel-london-nail-polish-swatch-review-manicureEthereal-Rimmel-London-60-Seconds-Nail-Polish-swatch-review-glitter-interview60-Seconds-Rimmel-London-Ethereal-Nail-Polish-Swatch-ReviewI liked wearing this subtle nail polish for a change, and not only was the application easy, it didn’t chip! Good news all round 🙂 !

What does everyone else think? Would you choose this colour for an interview? I’d love to know what you think 🙂 !

Emily xo

4 thoughts on “Lucky Interview Nails & Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish Review

  1. I bought this color last year at Heathrow airport because I hadn’t had time to do my nails before flying home… airport mani! Wouldn’t you know I had just finished applying my second coat when they called our flight and I flew home with HUGE dents and smudges in an otherwise lovely polish. 😉

    • I liked reading that little story :p though smudging nail polish is never fun 🙁 damn the claim that it dries in ’60 seconds’ :o! x

  2. This colour really looks lovely! It’s a very subtle manicure but it still looks amazing because the colour is gorgeous, so it was great for your job interview I think 🙂 Shame about not drying in 60 seconds though – I never believe polish packages anymore when they say something like that because I’ve never had a polish dry that fast :/ (although 2 minutes is indeed also very good!)

    • Thanks 😀 ! I know, wouldn’t it be amazing if a nail polish actually dried in 60 seconds! x

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