Step by step tutorial on how to make a light box at home

Evening everyone :D!

How we all enjoying the World Cup competition so far? I’m so excited to reveal the prizes! But on to today’s post…

A while back I mentioned that I got a new camera for my birthday yay! I couldn’t wait to get a new one; I was getting bored of my iPhone not capturing the right colours and making my hands look all weird and red!
For even better quality, I figured I should probably make a light box too! I took pictures along the way of how I made it (I used several Google sources and YouTube videos), so I hope it comes in handy for those thinking of making one themselves at home 🙂 !

First of all you will need a medium sized cardboard box – the size really depends on what you will need it for; if it’s nail related, then you will need one big enough to hold your hand inside and for nail polishes etc. (so not that big really).

Other equipment you will need is:

Scissors/box cutter
Sellotape/masking tape
Tissue paper/tracing paper
Piece of white card (big enough to cover the back and floor of your box)

How to make a light box at home - step by step tutorialBelow is a four-step tutorial on how to make a light box. I have also included extra information under the image:

Step by Step Tutorial on how to make a light box at homeTip 1: Use the knife to pierce a hole in your box, that way it’s easier to get your scissors in and start the cutting process.

Tip 2: Be very careful when applying the tissue paper; it’s very thin and therefore really easy to accidentally put a hole through it.

Tip 3: If your light isn’t big enough, just stand it on top of something like I have done (I used a shoe box).

And finally, start taking better, more clear, beautiful pictures…

Macro Nail Polish shot using light box Color Club over the moonThis is a macro shot of ‘Over The Moon’ by Color Club (one of my favourite nail polishes). This is the first time I have been able to take a macro shot and it’s all down to my new camera and light box. It is so worth the effort!

If you have any more questions just ask me in the comment box below (I don’t like to include too much information in my posts).

Finally, I will have a swatch coming out soon of ‘Over The Moon’ by Color Club because it is just too amazing not to!

Take care for now and don’t forget to check out the World Cup nail art here. All the rest will be added tomorrow so check back for them :D!

Emily xo

4 thoughts on “Step by step tutorial on how to make a light box at home

  1. Yay lightboxes! I sort of made one too but I still have to buy good paper to stick to the sides :/ That will be my summer mission! So for now I just use my semi-lightbox as a background for my pictures hehe 🙂

    • Yay they are so great, I wish I had made one sooner! I think I got my tissue paper off Amazon for real cheap 😀

  2. Ali

    I was amazed at the difference a DIY lightbox made for my pics. I’m able to use a black background because I’ve got 3 lights coming in on it, but since my workspace is not well lit I sort of needed multiple lamps anyway, so it works for me. This is a great pictorial!

    • Oh that sounds cool! I haven’t seen one with a black background before. I like the idea of having more than one light for it too, I might try that :D! And thank you glad you like it 🙂 xx

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