World Cup Finale 2014

It’s finally here! The World Cup finale 2014! 😀

Woo! So this post is to basically thank everyone who took part in my World Cup nail art competition (see here), I’m glad you all enjoyed it and I would love to do something like this again in the future 🙂 .

Good luck to Dawn (from SassyLittleNails) and to Kimberley (from LittleRedLoves) because your team has made it to the final yay! Germany vs. Argentina! I haven’t looked who the favourite is yet, but I think it’s a close one!

World Cup nail art competition

Click the image to zoom in!

The prizes will be revealed on Wednesday when I upload pictures of them (I will make a ‘winners announced’ post), and by then we will have our two winners woo so exciting! (I still haven’t decided which is my favourite design, they’re all so amazing)! The winners will also be contacted on Wednesday so I can find out where to send the prizes to 🙂 !

Finally, thanks to all the people who are featured in the World Cup Nail Art Gallery, if you haven’t seen the designs yet click here, they are truly amazing!
This was my contribution to the gallery, I made these when England were still involved:

Brazil England Flag World Cup Nail Art 2014World Cup Nail Art 2014 Brazil England
So will you be watching the game tonight? Who will you be rooting for?
Good luck Dawn and Kimberley!!

Thanks for reading, Emily xo

12 thoughts on “World Cup Finale 2014

  1. This was such a great competition you organised and I’m so excited to see the prize! I loved all of the designs that everyone created for the competition! I think I’m rooting for Germany to win tonight! 🙂

    • Aw thanks Jayna and I’m glad you like everyone’s designs, I thought they were awesome :D! I have just been looking online and it turns out Germany are actually the favourites! But Argentina do have Messi ! I’m watching the build-up now, I can’t wait to see who wins 🙂

  2. MO

    Thank you so much for making this competition possible. It was so much fun! x

    • You are very welcome, thanks so much for taking part 😀 I will do more stuff like this in the future 😀 x

  3. Nice! I sat and watched it last night! Was quite exciting. Must admit I think the Germanys deserved the win 🙂

    • Yeah they have been playing really well haven’t they! I thought it was exciting too 😀

  4. Thanks for hosting a great competition! I was rooting for Argentina, but Germany did play really well. I love the design on your thumb nail!

    • Aw you’re welcome! Thank you for taking part I appreciate everyone’s support 🙂

  5. Thanks for such a fantastic competition Emily – it’s been so much fun! It was such a great idea too 😀

    • Thank you so much I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’d love to do something like this again in the future 🙂

  6. great comp hun thanks for hosting it 🙂 hugs xx

    • Thanks Dawn I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it 🙂 x

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