Born Pretty Water Decal Review Plus Tutorial

Hello everyone!

Today I am doing my first Born Pretty review 😀 ! When they contacted me I chose two items, the first item I will be reviewing for you today are these cute nail art stickers (or transfers, water decals, whichever you prefer to say).

Born Pretty Bow Stickers Transfer ReviewYou get one sheet (containing 24 water decals) for only £1.67 plus free delivery worldwide! Definitely can’t complain 😀 ! And if you enter this code they kindly gave to me EPB10 you will also get 10% discount!

So here is the design I decided to create with the bows:

Born Pretty Review Cat Sticker TutorialWhen I first saw these stickers they reminded me of a cute bow tie, and I thought ‘what animal would look adorable with a bow tie?’ and as you can see, I chose cats 😀 .

Here is the Born Pretty instructions of how to apply the water decals, and below is a quick tutorial of how I did it 🙂 :

Born Pretty Sticker Transfer Instructions Review1. Apply your base coat. I chose ‘Winter Baby’ by Color Show (click here for swatches of this nail polish). I chose white so that it would really make the patterned bows stand out.

2. Cut out your sticker & soak it in water for 20 seconds approx. Remove from the water and slide the sticker off its sheet and transfer on to your nail.

Born Pretty water decal review tutorial

Picture of the water decal under water

3. Once it’s in place, dab it with a tissue to remove the water (the Born Pretty instructions say to use a hairdryer, but I found it works without).

4. Once dry apply a top coat and you’re done 😀

Born Pretty Review Tutorial Water Decal Seche Vite Top CoatHow easy is that for such an effective manicure? If like me you want to turn them into cats, then visit here for my tutorial.

Born Pretty Review water decal tutorialThat’s all for today, if you would like to purchase these water decals (which I would recommend after them staying beautiful for a whole week) then click here. And don’t forget to have a look around their store as they have so many amazing items to choose from!

Born Pretty Discount Code

Remember this 10% discount code at checkout!

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon for another Born Pretty review,

Emily xo

14 thoughts on “Born Pretty Water Decal Review Plus Tutorial

  1. These decals are so cute! I love the design you created and the tutorial is really useful too! I cannot wait to see the other product you’ll be reviewing! 🙂

    • Thanks Jayna glad you find the tutorial useful 🙂 I love trying out new nail art supplies 🙂 x

  2. These decals are way too cute, especially when paired with the cats!

    • Thank you 😀 I loved wearing these bows they’re so pretty!

  3. That’s so pretty! I’ve just had some stuff delivered from them myself can’t wait to try it all out 🙂

    • Thanks Caroline! I look forward to seeing your items if you review them 🙂

  4. Oh! They need little ears! I thought they were baby seals, lol! They’re adorable either way. Cute use of the bows!

    • Aw yeah little ears would have been cute! And thank you 😀 x

  5. So cute!!!

  6. Aww, this manicure is so cute !

    • Thank you very much 🙂

  7. So cute

    • Thanks very much 🙂 x

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