Lumin-icecent Color Club Swatch

Good evening!

Today I have my first foil effect nail polish for you. If you are a regular reader then you’ll know I recently did a review of my favourite nail polish of all time (see it here) which is ‘Over The Moon’ by Color Club. After writing that post I realised that I just had to buy more nail polish by Color Club!
I decided to buy two and hoped to do them both in this post, but it ended up quite lengthy! So the next one will be soon 🙂 .

First up is ‘Lumin-icecent’ which is a beautiful foil effect nail polish:

Luminicecent nail polish bottle Color Club swatch reviewAs you can see from the pictures below, this nail polish was so hard to capture on camera! The light reflects off it wherever possible and it’s hard to avoid (but this is surely a good thing right?)

Luminicecent nail polish swatch color club blue reviewReview Color Club luminicecent swatches

Lumin-icecent Color Club swatch nail polish review

Random picture because I noticed my nails looked good in the mirror :p

Color club nail polish review luminicecent swatches
And now here is my review of Lumin-icecent by Color Club:

+ Great brush
+ The foil effect works perfectly and looks gorgeous
+ Two coats for best results, but could easily get away with just the one
+ Very shiny – adding a top coat doesn’t add any extra shine
+ Fast drying
Slightly streaky and applying top coat doesn’t help
Started chipping on the 3rd day (but I will have to test this more, sometimes this just happens randomly and isn’t a true reflection of the quality)

So as you can see, the majority of points are positive yay! It is an amazing polish to wear and it received many compliments from customers at work. It’s also my first foil polish and it didn’t fail to please 🙂 and I would therefore recommend it to others.

For those who would like to purchase this nail polish, I found it on Amazon here (even though I’m sure the picture they have used to advertise it is the wrong one, it looks more silver than blue).

Here’s a macro shot to finish with:

Review macro shot luminicecent color club nail polish swatchI hope you enjoyed this post and as always thanks for reading 🙂

Emily xo

8 thoughts on “Lumin-icecent Color Club Swatch

  1. mynailpolishonline

    Beautiful silver foil!

    • I know right? 🙂

  2. Awesome, I love the foil effect!

    • It’s stunning isn’t it 🙂

  3. I’ve never been a foil lover until I happen to wear one in the shade: it’s been immediately love!
    And I really like the light blue hues in this one *__*

    • They’re great aren’t they, I love how much they stand out because of the shine xx

  4. Very pretty foil effect, looks great on your skin tone!

    • Aw thank you very much! 🙂

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