The Best White Nail Polish – French Tip By Color Club

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you the third and final nail polish I own by Color Club. It also happens to be the best white nail polish I have come across (so far..).

You can see the other two I own here and here (I absolutely LOVE them both).

The last white nail polish I did a review of was Winter Baby by Color Show (see here) and that one turned out to be quite disappointing 🙁 ! I know that many nail bloggers are still searching for their favourite white, so I hope this will help some of you out.

Best white nail polish French Tip by Color ClubFrench Tip by Color Club the best white nail polishI’m not overly happy with the above two pictures; this nail polish was so hard to photograph, just look at how bright it looks! I tried to turn down the brightness on Photoshop but it didn’t really help! At least it sort of shows how bright and fresh this color is.

Here is a macro shot so you can have a better look at what the nail polish looks like:

French Tip by Color Club the best white nail polish

And here is my review of French Tip by Color Club:

+ Nice thick formula
+ No streaks
+ You could easily get away with one coat, but two coats will fill in any gaps
+ Better than average drying time
+ The color is amazing, so bright!
+ It has a gorgeous shine
+/- Nice brush, though slightly smaller would probably be better

Overall, you can probably tell that I was really impressed with this nail polish, and it will be my go-to white from now on. I will of course still be trying other white nail polishes out as there are still some I want to try such as Snow Me White by Sinful Colors – Jayna from The Sequined Nail did a great post about this one recently (see here).

For those who would like to purchase ‘French Tip’ it is available on Amazon here.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what your favourite white nail polish is?

Thanks for reading,

Emily xo

5 thoughts on “The Best White Nail Polish – French Tip By Color Club

  1. I’m currently using OPI’s Alpine Snow, but I’m halfway through the bottle and it started to get too thick :/ I might try Snow Me White or your Color Club if I come accross it! It’s great that you love it so much 🙂 Btw, I tagged you in a little Summer game on my blog, but definitely don’t feel obligated to do it! 🙂

    • Ohh yes I’ve heard a lot about Alpine Snow too! I’ll definitely have to try that one too! I was just so happy to find a white that doesn’t need more than two coats 😀 ! Aw thank you for tagging me I will read all about it tonight after work, I will certainly take part 🙂 xx

  2. MO

    It’s on the list – I’m one of those people in search for the right white. Thank you so much x

  3. This white nail polish looks great – I think creating nail art is so much easier once you’ve found a great white polish! This one looks so good too – I might just have to try it out! Thank you for the mention too! 🙂

    • You’re very welcome 🙂 ! Yeah, it’s so much easier making designs now I’ve found a white that’s actually good! x

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