Blue and White Stripe Nail Art

Afternoon everyone!

Now that I have done swatches of the two Color Club nail polishes I bought recently (see here and here), I can now show you the design I created with them :D! I went away for the weekend recently with my family to see the Liverpool Giants, and decided these two nail polishes would suit the occasion 🙂 .

First let me show you the Giant Grandmother’s nails, I think they should have painted them and made them look pretty don’t you 😀 :

Liverpool giant grandmother hand and nails imageOkay so here are the two nail polishes I used:

easy striping tape nail art design blue and whiteblue and white stripe nail art designI applied the white as the base coat, and then once dry I placed two pieces of striping tape to block off the middle section of white, and then simply painted the left and right side with the foil effect.

blue and white foil effect nail art stripe design

Sorry about the chips, I’d had this on for a few days 😛

Here’s two more I took whilst in Liverpool:

blue and white easy striping tape nail art design

Again sorry about the wear. I should have took the picture as soon as I had done it really 😛

Liverpool outfit and nail art striping idea

This manicure was one of my favourite! The way the foil effect looked against the white was stunning in the sunny weather (that’s now disappeared). I’m definitely going to wear this again, maybe flip the colours around so the foils in the middle 🙂 .

The nail polishes I used were:

Lumin-icecent by Color Club (see my review here, buy here)

French Tip by Color Club (see my review here, buy here)

So I hoped you liked today’s design, I’m gonna move on from Color Club now, they’ve had enough attention :p .

My next post will be something a bit different as I have been tagged by Robin over at Roaring Nails to answer some Summer questions 🙂 .

Thanks for reading,

Emily xo

4 thoughts on “Blue and White Stripe Nail Art

  1. These look so cute! They’re simple but still look special because of the polishes you picked, great job! Btw this might be a creepy question but did you change your hair colour? In your profile pic you have brown hair but in the last picture here it’s blonde and it really struck me as I always picture you as a brunette now! 😀

    • Thanks Robin glad you like them :D! And I sort of changed my hair colour, I made it ombre 🙂 .. I bleached the ends of my hair so they’re a blondey colour :D. However, the other day I went and had most of my hair chopped off! It’s just longer than a bob now, so I’m back to a full brunette again 🙂 xx

  2. MO

    These colours look gorgeous on you.
    Was gutted I missed the Giants. A few people from work went and said the dog was amazing x

    • Aw thank you very much :)! I missed the dog, wish I could have seen that one, I only managed to see the Grandma! The Grandma actually broke down in front of us, it was quite amusing 😛 xx

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