Barry M Diamond Glitter Review

Hi everyone!

Today I have a ‘Barry M Diamond Glitter Review’ for you. I’m taking part in the Polish Party again this month and the theme is ‘Glitter/Gems’ and I knew exactly which nail polish I wanted to use – this one!

My boyfriend kindly bought me this nail polish one Birthday and I instantly fell in love with it! I attempted a review of it when I first started blogging but looking back I had only uploaded one picture and it didn’t show off the beauty of this nail polish. So I’ve decided to re-publish it with better pictures 😀 !

First up here’s a macro shot I took of how the glitter looks in the bottle:

Barry M Diamond Glitter Swatch ReviewThis really shows off how gorgeous the glitter is inside!

Here’s how it looks over a nude base (I used Latte by Color Show, see that review here):

Barry M Silver Diamond Glitter Swatch ReviewSilver Diamond Glitter Swatch Barry M ReviewAnd now here it is over a white base (I used French Tip by Color Club, see that review here):

Barry M Silver Diamond Glitter Swatch Review white basemacro shot barry m diamond glitter reviewI know there’s a lot of pictures, but I wanted to try and get across how beautiful this nail polish really is 🙂 !

As always with my swatches, here are a few good (and usually some bad points):

+ Smooth application (which you don’t find that often with glitter polishes)
+ No need to pick the glitter out, each coat has plenty already on the brush
+ Only two coats needed
+ Super shiny
+ Lasts as long as you want it to (the base coat you use will start to wear first)
+/- We all know glitter polishes are difficult to remove, but this one isn’t TOO bad
+/- Doesn’t have to be used as a topcoat glitter like I have done, you can use it on its own but you will need to apply a few more coats.

My favourite thing about this nail polish is how much the glitter shines and sparkles in so many different colours; it makes it so beautiful to look at.

It is a cheap and cheerful nail polish and if you would like to purchase some yourself you can find it in most beauty stores e.g. Boots. Alternatively it can be bought on Amazon here.

Here is a sunny picture to finish with:

Barry M Diamond Glitter Nail Polish Review SwatchThanks for reading! The Polish Party post will be next and then the Summer Tag 🙂 !

Emily xo

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  1. Hi Emily! You have been nominated for the Liebster award 😉 Your questions can be found here:
    Please link back to my blog and leave me a comment when you’ve completed your post so I can read your answers! Can’t wait 🙂 xxx

    • My post is nearly complete, it should be ready for tomorrow 😀 ! xxx

  2. i just love glitter!

    • It’s amazing isn’t it! I love it too! 🙂

  3. It’s a beautifull topper! *-*

    • I need to resist topping all my manicures with it :p

  4. What a gorgeous polish! It looks amazing, I love it!

    • It is truly beautiful xD

  5. I love this glitter – one of my first ever glitter polishes. This looks lovely on you and all the wonderful pictures do a great job of capturing the sparkle 😀

    • That’s so kind of you to say, thank you very much 🙂 x

  6. This glitter looks amazing – I might just have to buy it! It looks great over both base colours too! 🙂

    • Thanks I’m glad you think so! I really want to try it over a pink base, I think it would look amazing xD

  7. Wow! That is one awesome polish 🙂

    • It’s beautiful isn’t it 😀 xx

  8. Super pretty! I think I need it now!

    • I can’t recommend it enough, it’s soooo lovely and shiny in real life xx

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