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Hello everyone!

Today is something a bit different than nail art; the lovely Robin from Roaring Nails and Jayna from The Sequined Nail have tagged me in this Summer Lovin’ Tag. I’ve linked their blog names to their post if you would like to read theirs too 🙂 .

I’m basically going to answer 10 questions about my favourite things this Summer, so on we go 🙂 :

1. What is your favourite lipstick this Summer?

My favourite has definitely been Sunbronze by Max Factor. My mum bought this from our local Tesco, and I just LOVED it. I have always opted for pale pink lipstick so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this dark shade. It also keeps its moisture and doesn’t dry out which is a bonus 🙂 .

Sunbronze 837 Max Factor Lipstick2. What is your favourite polish this Summer?

Well this Summer I discovered the wonders of Color Club, and I’m so glad I did! Their nail polish is perfect! It won’t be the same for everyone, but for me it’s the best (this Summer anyways 😉 ). I found my favourite white nail polish by them which is called French Tip (see here):

French Tip by Color Club the best white nail polishBut ‘Over The Moon’ wins, it’s a beautiful holographic nail polish (see here):

Macro Nail Polish shot using light box Color Club over the moon3. What is your favourite swimwear for this Summer?

Just the traditional bikini, I don’t really wear anything else, they leave too many tan lines :p

4. What is your favourite frappucino from Starbucks?

Hmm I don’t actually have one because my go-to coffee shop is Costa Coffee where I usually just get a Cappuccino 😛 . Think I will have to go and test out these frappucino’s now 😉

5. What is your favourite self tanner?

The best self tanner I’ve found is St. Tropez. It’s not cheap but it’s so worth it! I get the foam one which I apply of a night and wash off in the shower the following morning. But be careful as it does stain the bed sheets if you wear short PJ’s! Totally worth it though 😉

6. What is your favourite Summer song?

Well this song actually came out before Summer (December actually), but I listened to it throughout Summer so it should still count :p ! It’s called I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. I’m not exactly a fan of Ed Sheeran, I just heard the song at the end of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and I fell in love with it <3 (I’m a huge Tolkien fan).

7. What is your favourite Summer accessory?

My favourite accessory this Summer has actually been the Loom Bands. I only got introduced to them at the end of Summer, but had so much fun making them and creating them to match my outfit etc. and it’s amazing how much money people have raised for charity by making them.

8. What is your favourite Summer perfume?

It has to be one by Kate Moss! I actually got this one for Christmas but only made use of it this Summer and it smells gorgeous!

pink kate moss perfume

9. What is your favourite Summer book?

I recently finished one called The Backpacker by John Harris. It’s not your typical travel book, it’s much much much more interesting (not that travel books aren’t interesting), I could not put it down! I could not believe some of the stuff that happened! One minute your laughing, next you’re in shock, and sometimes you have to hold back tears! I suggest everyone reads it it’s that amazing. So yeah I think you can probably tell this was my favourite Summer book :p

10. What do you want to do the most this Summer?

This Summer I really wanted to go to Punk Rock Holiday which is a festival in Slovenia, and I did it yay! I’m so happy I decided to go I had so much fun and would definitely go again 🙂 .

Here’s a silly picture of me at the festival haha (with a loom band on too!) :

PRH Summer Lovin Tag Nail BlogNow most people I would have tagged have already completed this, and considering we have reached the end of Summer I will just tag the one person which is Kimberley from Little Red Loves 🙂 .

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Emily xo

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  1. Hehe it was really fun to read your answers! So funny that your accessory is loom bands – I wouldn’t know how to make one at all, it looks so complicated! 🙂

    • Hehe thanks Robin! My mum bought me some loom bands when she was out shopping so I thought I would give it a go :p turned out to be really fun haha. Bored of them now though :p xx

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