Barry M Autumnal Gradient Nail Art Plus Tutorial

Hi everyone!

In my last post I was showing you ‘Paprika’ and ‘Mustard’ from Barry M’s Gelly Hi Shine Autumn collection (you can see this here). Today I’m showing you some nail art I did using the two shades.

I decided on a gradient so that it would show off the two colours together, and looking at the finished design I think it suits Autumn perfectly! I’m not sure why but the ‘fuzzy look’ where the two colours meet really reminds me of nice warm woolly socks! Is this just me :p ?

Anyway on to the design…

Barry M Mustard and Paprika easy gradient tutorialWhen I first started blogging I used to take pictures as I went along so I could create a little tutorial. I haven’t done this in a while so I’ve decided to get back into it 🙂 .
So here is a tutorial on how to create gradient nails. I have done two versions:

Version 1:

Step by step easy gradient nail art tutorial Version 2:

easy sponge gradient step by step nail art tutorialAs you can see they are very similar. I personally prefer version 1, but I’ve seen a lot of people using version 2. What’s your preference?

Barry M Autumn nail art 2014 gradient plus tutorialeasy gradient nail art tutorial step by step using barry measy step by step sponge gradient nail art tutorialHope you liked this design! If you are new to doing gradients and need anymore help then just get in touch below 🙂 .
If you need to buy sponges they’re available on Amazon here.

My next post is an exciting one so look out for that ^_^

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4 thoughts on “Barry M Autumnal Gradient Nail Art Plus Tutorial

  1. MO

    Really love these colours (ha – I said that on Monday didn’t I!). I use the first method too x

    • Haha, well they are beautiful colours 😀 xx

  2. Perfect colors for autumn!

    • Aren’t they 😀 I love them x

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