Stripy Pink Tip Nail Art Plus Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I have another tutorial to show you today. This design is so simple to do that it doesn’t really need much explanation. I randomly decided to do these nails in the car when I was waiting to pick my boyfriend up from work.

I’m not sure why I decided to go for this design, it just sort of happened. Here’s a picture I took in the car to send a friend just after I had finished them:

Pink Stripe nail art easy tutorialNow this tutorial isn’t the way I usually do them (I usually do the 4 step image as you can see here). I’ve had to do it this way because I was in my car and only had my phone to take pictures (which is rubbish for trying to get macro shots).

To be honest, not much of a tutorial was needed for this design anyway as it’s so simple to do, but here we go anyway:

First up you will need 2 different coloured nail polish, here are the 2 I chose (plus topcoat):

pink nail polish for striped nail art tutorial

Seche Vite top coat, Lush Lilac by MUA & Fuchsia by W7

Pick one colour to use as your base coat and apply it to all of your nails:

Luch Lilac swatch by MUA for pink stripe nail art tutorial

On my right hand which you don’t get to see that often!

Next, using your favourite nail art brush (preferably a small one) start to draw vertical lines across your nail tip. Start at one side and work your way round. Make the lines different lengths e.g. one medium, one short, one long, one short etc.

Pink stripes easy nail art tutorial Once you have done all your lines, apply your topcoat and you are done 🙂 told you it was easy 😀 .

w7 fuchsia pink stripe nail art tutoriallush liliac stripe nail art tutorial Even though this was a random design, it turned out to be one of my favourites! Fuchsia by W7 really stood out against the pale pink and I just couldn’t stop looking at them! What do you think, do you like them?

I’m going to try and post as much as possible over the next 2 months whilst also keeping up with everyone elses blogs, but I will be spending a lot of my spare time working on the eBook I told you about for this Christmas 😀 ! If you missed that post you can read it here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Emily xo

6 thoughts on “Stripy Pink Tip Nail Art Plus Tutorial

  1. These look really cool Emily! Hehe I do find it funny that you have a stash of nail polish in your car 😉

    • Thanks Robin :)… lets just say I like to be prepared 😛 xx

  2. I think u are great at nails…lovely mani in car

    • Aw thank you that’s so nice of you to say! 🙂 xx

  3. I am a huge fan of nail art. I love this design very unique with the drips.

    • Thank you very much, I enjoyed wearing it 😀 xx

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