Monsters Inc Mike Wazowski Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Hey everyone!

Today is my third installment of the ‘Monstrously Mini’ Halloween nail art challenge (see here for details) and it’s a Monsters Inc. nail art tutorial! To see my last two designs click here (Scream) and here (pink cobwebs).

So I was meant to post this design yesterday but I was feeling a little under the weather after my night out in Leeds! But I’m back to full strength now so here we go!

The prompt for this mani was ‘your favourite monster‘. Straight away I thought of Monsters Inc.! At first I wanted to do Sully, but I was a bit short on time and I figured Mike Wazowski would be quicker to create (and he’s still just as cool!).

Here’s the picture I based it on which I found on Google:

Mike Wazowski nail artAnd here are the nails & tutorial:

Mike Wazowski monsters inc nail art tutorialMonsters Inc Mike Wazowski nail art tutorialAs always, if you do this tutorial then let me know by tagging me on Facebook, Twitter or IG etc. and I will post your design on ‘Your Nails‘ 😀 !

Here’s the equipment and nail polishes I used for this design:

monsters inc nail art tutorial equipment

O.P.I matte top coat, Spring Green by Barry M, Over The Moon by Color Club, black acrylic paint, white by Elegant Touch, a small nail art brush & dotting tool

monsters inc mike wazowski nail tutorialSo I hoped you liked this nail art! It was really fun to make & different than the usual nail design 😀 !

I will be back tomorrow with my fourth Halloween design so I’ll see you then!
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Emily xo

6 thoughts on “Monsters Inc Mike Wazowski Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Haha, it’s cute, my son would like this! 😀

    • Hehe thanks, glad you like it! 🙂

  2. That Barry M green is so pretty! Mike looks really cute on your nails! love Mike, but I like Sully more if I’m honest. Although to recreate him on your nails would be one big fuzzy nightmare lol 😉 I had never seen Monsters Inc. until last year, and my boyfriend just couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it yet and he forced me to watch it :p I really loved it, it was so funny!

    • It’s a lovely green isn’t it, it’s definitely my ‘go to’ green 🙂 ! Thanks glad you like it! I love Sully the best too, I was planning out a design using fur effect etc. and then I just thought to myself ‘Emily you do not have time for this!’ lol and so I went with Mike as he is basically all green 😛 ! Aw I’m glad your boyfriend got you to watch it, it’s so good isn’t it! 😀

  3. I love how simple this is.

    • Thank you 🙂

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