Ramones Pet Sematary Graveyard Nail Art

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I have two nail art designs to show you today! I have this ‘Ramones Pet Sematary Graveyard Nail Art’ and later I have Halloween decals that I was sent for review 🙂 !

This design is for the Monstrously Mini prompt ‘your favourite spooky song’ (although this song isn’t actually that spooky :p)

Here’s a list of the Halloween nail art I made this year (they’re linked if you want to go see that post 😀 ):

Scream/Ghostface tutorial
Spider web tutorial
Monsters Inc. tutorial
Skeletal bones tutorial
Cute skull tutorial

Here is a picture that I based my design around from the Pet Sematary official video on YouTube:

ramones pet semataryAnd here is the nail art I made:

ramones pet sematary nail designI sponged grey and white alternatively on my nails to get the stoney effect, and used a small nail art brush and black acrylic paint to draw the tree, grass, cat and the gravestone. I finished it all off with an O.P.I matte top coat to make it more stone-like.

graveyard ramones nail artI haven’t really done shadow nail art like this before, so it was fun to try it 😀 ! I wore these nails for work as I didn’t have time to take it off, and I’m sure customers were a bit confused as to why I had a gravestone on my nail!! … Oh well 😉

Hope you liked this design, I will be back later with my final Halloween nail art that I’m wearing now 😀 !

Happy Halloween!

Emily xo

Here’s a picture of me in my purple Ramones top that my boyfriend got me one birthday 😀 :

womens purple ramones top

I don’t actually look very happy on that picture haha. Wish I had my long hair back 🙁 !

7 thoughts on “Ramones Pet Sematary Graveyard Nail Art

  1. Creative! I love how the white and grey sponging looks

    • Thank you! I liked how it turned out too 😀

  2. The stoney effect looks great! Haha, I always think people will get that my nails are Halloween themed if I have something sinister on them, but I suppose some people will still be confused 😀 The shadow silhouettes came out great and that purple shirt looks really cute! (it’s a really pretty purple colour btw)

    • Haha well I wore these nails a week before Halloween so I was worried that people wouldn’t think it was Halloween related haha :P! Glad you like the stoney effect and the shadow silhouettes, it was fun making them 😀 thanks for the compliments 😀 xx

  3. These are awesome! So well painted and the sponging is so effective!

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 I enjoyed doing and wearing this mani 🙂 xx

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