Christmas Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial


I hope you’re all having a fantastic day & got lots of presents hehe! I bet it included nail polish right? I shall look forward to reading everyone’s posts on that 😉 !

So I was meant to do a post yesterday & the day before but unfortunately due to work commitments I was unable to 🙁 ! However, I will still be posting them over this next week before New Year!

Just an update on the Christmas Gallery too – I know a lot of you have tagged me and I know who you all are, so your pictures will be uploaded over the next few days & I will be picking my favourite too!

So here is today’s nail art for you:

christmas snowflake nailsYep that’s right, more snowflakes 😀 (you can see my last ones here). My last ones were really simple, whereas these ones require a bit more nail art.

white snowflake nail artHere’s a little tutorial of how I made them:

christmas snowflake nail art tutorial

snowflake nail artI love how these turned out, I think they’re so pretty and elegant! To finish the look off, I added the gorgeous Avon Opal Top Coat (swatches here).

christmas nail art ideas snowflakechristmas snowflake nail tutorialSo I hope you enjoyed this design! A Merry Christmas to you all! I will see you all soon for more Christmassy nail art!

All the best,

Emily xo

2 thoughts on “Christmas Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Gorgeous design as always sweetie! The snowflakes look perfect! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, I hope this one will be the best one you’ve ever had and that you got everything you wished for! lots of love xoxoxoxo

    • Thanks so much! I had a great Christmas and received some beautiful gifts! I hope you had a brilliant Christmas too!! xxxxx

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