Happy New Year!!


Hi everyone, it’s New Year’s Eve yay!

Today is also my first day off work in ages! Hence why I haven’t been posting or visiting all your lovely blogs 🙁 ! However, this just means I have lots more posts to catch up with in 2015 😀 !

I will update the Christmas gallery here over the next few days and choose my favourite design hehe! That blogger will be featured on my blog for the whole of January 🙂 !

I also have some really exciting news for 2015! I will tell you about that in one of my next posts 😀 !

Today I am showing you some guest post nails from Natalie. She posted these gorgeous nails on my Facebook page:

New Years Eve Nails by NatalieI think these are perfect for the occasion! Here’s what she wrote:

Here’s some glitter ombré nails I did for New Years Eve. I used Claire’s ‘Nude Gel’ as my base and then Bodycare’s ‘Bedazzled’ Bronze glitter to create this effect.
Perfect for the new year!
Could you do a tutorial so I can improve? Thanks

I love both of these colours together they are a perfect match! And the glitter ombre looks amazing, especially when you consider that she did this with a glitter polish rather than loose glitter – I also find glitter polish is harder to work with due to all the fishing for glitter that takes place!

So thank you for sharing this with us Natalie! I have been doing my research on how to create the perfect glitter ombre so I will definitely create one of my 4 step tutorials on how to do this 🙂 !

I decided to match my nails to Natalie’s for tonight, here they are:

new years eve nails 2015I also did mine with nail polish glitter rather than loose glitter because it was new and I wanted to try it 😀 !

So I hope you like these nails! If you’d like to follow Natalie then you can do so here, I’m sure we will see more nails from her in the future 🙂 !

Happy New Year everyone!

Emily xo

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Both of the designs are gorgeous and festive! My dear friend, I hope you’re enjoying your day off work, and that you’ll have an awesome and careful New Year’s Eve! In 2015. I wish you all the best. I hope it’ll be the best year of your life and that you stay amazing just as you are now! <3 :*

    • Aw this made my day thank you so much!! I’m glad you like the designs and I hope you have an amazing year in 2015! I’m confident that you will because you’re such a positive and happy person 😀 <3 thanks again xxx

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