Primark Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

Hi everybody!

Did you all have a good New Year’s Eve? I had a really lovely night with all the family! I also tried to light one of those sky lanterns last night but it just completely failed lol! It was a cute pink love heart one too!

So now that we have entered 2015 and we’re moving on from Christmas, I thought I’d show you my two final Christmas designs that I wore in December.

First up here is some glittery Christmas present nails I wore on Christmas Day (yep, I only have the one picture as I was too distracted to take more):

christmas present nail artOver Christmas I also did my first glow in the dark design. I picked up this nail polish from Primark for £1.50!! At first I was a bit skeptical due to how cheap it was, but I have to say – wow! It actually works! And really well too!

primark glow in the dark nail polishHow cool is that packaging? Here’s a look at their instructions:

primark glow in the dark nail instructionsBefore trying it on my nails, I held the bottle under my lamp for a few seconds like it suggests, then I turned the light off, and here’s what happened:

primark glow in the dark nail polish reviewWow! I was very impressed! Although, I knew it wouldn’t be this bright once it was on my nails due to there being less of it and it being spread out.

For the design I chose to do the North Star amongst smaller stars, here’s how it looked in daylight:

christmas north star nail artAnd here’s how it looked in the dark:

christmas nails glow in the dark starPretty cool I think 😀 ! I’ve been checking out other people’s glow in the dark designs and now I’m really eager to try out more! This one from Primark was quick drying, it didn’t ruin my design and it looked great in the dark so I will certainly carry on using it 🙂 !

Has anyone else tried this one? Or have any they would recommend?

So that’s all for this Christmas! Did you check out everyone else’s wonderful designs in the gallery? I’ve picked my favourite and I can’t wait to tell you who!

See you soon!

Emily xo

4 thoughts on “Primark Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

  1. I have the yellow one from Primark, it wouldn’t work as a topcoat though. Your stars look great 🙂

    • Thank you 😀 ! What a shame it didn’t work as a top coat for you 🙁 xx

  2. Oh this top coat works so well! I have a glow in the dark top coat from Essence but you need like 5 coats before it actually glows :/ I am planning a trip to Primark someday soon because I’ve never been there but they have really cute clothes – I’m curious if I’ll find this top coat there too!

    • Ohh 5 coats? Ain’t nobody got the patience for that :p ! When you get to Primark I hope you love it! Because I do 😀 I always find such good bargains! And they seem to have a lot of these glow in the dark polishes so hopefully you can get one 😀 x

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