Christmas Gallery Winner 2014

Hi everybody!

Today’s post is telling you the winner of the Nailsxo Christmas Gallery! When I started the gallery, and a few times since, I mentioned that I was going to pick my favourite design from the gallery, and feature that blogger on my widget menu for a whole month 🙂 ! 

After looking through the gallery at all your gorgeous designs, this one was my favourite:

Christmas Character Nail ArtIf you know me, then you know I love Space! I think it’s incredible! I love researching about it and watching documentaries, there’s so (too) much to learn!
More specifically, Mila decided to create the Northern Lights in Finland – wow how I would LOVE to see that!! One day it will happen!! And I think I will cry when it does 😀 ! Such a beautiful place (and magical as Mila puts it)!

Through her nail art she has somehow managed to create great depth within her design – which is perfect for a Space design when you consider how HUGE the Universe is!

I also love what Mila said in her post – “It took me 3 hours to do these lights” because this just makes them extra special! And we can’t forget the snowman! He’s so cute and Christmassy and looks amazing against the Northern Lights! To read her actual post on this see here.

christmas character nailsSo that’s why this design was my favourite! I will be honoured to have Mila featured on my blog for a month; she has always been so supportive of my work, she’s so friendly, has such a fun and interesting blog and creates wonderful nail art as you can see 🙂 !
I would urge you all to check out her blog here, I’m sure she will be an extra person to add to your blog list 😀 !

So thank you to everyone who took part in the gallery, I love showing off all of your work! And a big thank you to Ali from Fixin To Faff because she tagged me in a lot of wonderful designs on Instagram (and I’ve just found more which I missed so I will put them up tomorrow). She is a regular blogger and her nail art is always so inspirational so definitely check her out too!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all had a fab Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2015!!

Emily xo

4 thoughts on “Christmas Gallery Winner 2014

  1. You better believe I’ll post this everywhere! 😀 Thank you so much, you truly are one of the kindest persons I met here, just being a part of anything you do is very dear to me, and should be to all the girls. Thank you for everything, we need to go to Finland <3 ;D :*

    • You’re so sweet! I’m over the moon to have you as my winner and I will also be posting it on social media so more people can find your lovely blog!

      Your blog is certainly one of my favourites to visit, your positivity and energy from each of your posts always makes me smile 🙂 .

      And yes we definitely need to go to Finland haha, imagine how magical it would look in real life ! 😀 x

  2. wow I’ve never seen anything like this before!
    This is so creative and I think you’ve done a wonderful job creating this nail art 🙂
    I love this manicure, your nails look soo great <3


  3. Ah yes, I know her 🙂 Lovely mani!

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