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What are UV gel nails?


Step by step instructions

Step 1 – Cleaning your nails

Step 2 – Preparation

Step 3 – Nail Dehydration

Step 4 – Applying false nail tips

Step 5 – Applying UV gel primer

Step 6 – Applying UV builder gel

Step 7 – Applying UV gel top coat


What are UV gel nails?
  • Once UV gel is applied and cured to your natural nail, the hardened gel can be designed just as your natural nail would be e.g. you can apply nail varnish and rhinestones etc. It comes in all different colours, even glitter colours. 
  • UV gel is used more often than nail varnish because it lasts a lot longer and it is great for applying over false nail tips to secure them in place.
  • There are two types of gels: light cured gels & no-light gels. The light cured gels need to be cured (hardened) under a UV lamp. The no-light gels do not need a lamp, instead they need a gel activator that can be brushed (or sprayed) on to the nails. Some types can actually be cured just by dipping your nails in water.
  • I personally use the UV gel which needs to be cured under the UV lamp (light cured). This is what I started out using as a very beginner and I found it really easy to use.


To create UV gel nails at home you are going to need (I’ve included links for those of you in the UK and the US):

1. Nail polish remover (US) & cotton pad (US)(to remove any old nail polish)
2. UV gel primer (US)(the first clear gel used as a base coat)
3. UV builder gel (US)(a gel that is generally thicker than the primer & top coat to give your nails a strong overlay – comes in a variety of colours)
4. UV gel top coat (US)(another clear gel that is used to secure the whole design with a great shine)
5. Medium size brush (US) (used to apply the builder gel)
6. UV lamp (US)(to cure (harden) the gel)
7. Cleanser plus (US)(to remove the sticky residue from your brush and nails after curing)
8. Cotton pad (US)for the cleanser plus (lint free wipes are recommended so no annoying fluffy bits come off on to your nail)
9. Nail File (US) (to dehydrate your natural nail plate before any gel is applied)
10. Cuticle pusher (US) (part of the preparation)

All the essentials for creating UV gel nails

All the essentials for creating UV gel nails

I remember all of this equipment seeming like a lot when I started out. Luckily, you can get most of this stuff really cheap on eBay. Expensive makes are better, but I personally prefer to save money and use the cheap ones because they have always done the job ^_~


If applying nail tips then you will also need:

1. False nail tips (US)

2. Nail glue (US)

3. Acrylic nail cutter (US)

Equipment needed if you're applying tips aswell

Equipment needed if you’re applying tips


Optional but still recommended:

1. Nail dehydrator (US) (a liquid that you apply to your natural nail to remove moisture).

2. Cuticle cream (US) (to hydrate/soften your cuticles at the end of the manicure)

3. Dusting brush (US) (used to gently remove the dust created around your nail, using your fingers may add moisture back onto the nail surface)

4. Cotton bud (US) (used to remove any UV gel off the skin before curing the gel under the UV lamp)

Optional equipment when creating UV gel nails

Optional equipment when creating UV gel nails


Step by step instructions


Step 1: Cleaning your nails

Your nails need to be clean, so remove any old nail varnish etc. you may have left on from previous pampering. Do this using nail polish remover and a cotton pad.


Removing old nail polish

Removing old nail polish

Tip: Rotating in small circles usually works best; especially when it’s that stubborn nail polish that doesn’t seem to want to come off! (You know who you are glitter polish ¬_¬)


Step 2: Preparation

– Your cuticles need to be gently pushed back, or cut depending on how much they have grown. This stops the UV gel from lifting near your cuticle. To do this you can use an orange wood stick or a metal cuticle pusher.

Push your cuticles back gently being careful not to cut yourself.

Push your cuticles back gently

– The tip (or free edge) of your nails should now be filed down or cut to your desired length.

Filing the free edge

Filing the free edge

– Finally, your nail plate needs to be gently filed to dry it out and get rid of any moisture – this is very important for the UV gel to adhere to your natural nail

Tip: These can be done in any order, but I would highly recommend filing your nail plate last so that you don’t accidentally add moisture back on to it when doing the other steps.

File your nails until they take on a white-ish colour

File your nails until they take on a white-ish colour


Step 3: Nail dehydration

Using your nail dehydrator, smooth a thin layer of liquid over your natural nail plate. It should only take a few seconds to dry. Important note – those who are also applying artificial nail tips need to apply them first before the dehydrator, otherwise it makes it very difficult for the tip to stay glued on to your natural nail. Once the tips are secured on your nail (step 4), it is safe to apply the nail dehydrator, but only apply it on top of your natural nail, not the tip.

Applying nail dehydrator

Applying nail dehydrator

I wrote this under the ‘optional’ equipment because I personally have never needed to do this – filing my nail plate to dehydrate it has always worked well for me, and you can do this before applying the tips. Let me know your personal preferences below in the comment box as I am interested to know whether this is just me :]


Step 4: Applying false nail tips

Those applying tips Visit lesson 5 if you need any help 🙂 – if you have been following the preparation from this article, then you will be able to start from step 4 over on the nail tip article 🙂


Step 5: Applying UV gel primer

Now that your natural nail plates (and false nail tips) have been dehydrated/filed, it’s time to apply the UV gel primer. Smooth a thin layer over your natural nail (don’t apply it to the artificial tip). The primer will help the rest of the manicure adhere to your natural nail.

Applying the UV primer

Applying the UV primer


  • Hold under your UV lamp for 2 minutes. I suggest 2 minutes because my 36watt lamp has a 120 second timer on it and the UV gel is always cured after this time.
    Using the UV lamp :)

    Using the UV lamp 🙂

  • I can’t say for sure with a 9watt lamp because I have never used one, but I would suggest tripling the 2 minutes just to be sure. You can always keep taking your nails out to test them. Please feel free to comment below if anybody has any advice when using the 9watt lamps 🙂

Now do the same for your second hand. There is no need to remove the sticky residue left behind from the UV gel primer, as more UV gel is being applied in the next step.


Step 6: Applying UV builder gel

Place the gel in the middle of your nail and gently spread upwards to the end of the tip (either yours or false).  When spreading downwards, get it as close to your cuticle area as possible without touching any skin. The same goes for the side walls. If the gel gets on the skin, then it has more chance of lifting once it has been cured. Use the cotton bud to remove any gel off the skin before placing your hand under the UV lamp.


Those wearing tipsconcentrate on getting the gel thickest around the smile line because that’s where your nails will receive most pressure.


  • Do all 5 nails on one hand before putting your hand under the lamp, this saves time as you can do it all in one go. Tip – before putting your hand under the lamp, check none of the gel has spread on to your skin – if it has then use a cotton bud or the end of a cuticle stick to gently remove it.
  • Again hold under your lamp for 2 minutes (for 36watt lamp) and triple for a 9watt lamp.

Repeat the same process for your second hand. Just like last time there is no need to remove the sticky residue yet as more gel needs to be added.


Step 7: Applying UV gel top coat

Most UV gel top coats come with a brush already included. Using this brush (or one of your own) smooth a nice even layer over your nail, once again being careful not to touch any surrounding skin. You can make this coat as thick as you want, or you can even apply one, cure it, then apply another one etc.


Applying a UV gel top-coat


The sticky residue can now be removed (yay)! Apply a few drops of cleanser plus to your lint free wipe (or cotton pad) and smooth over all your nails until the stickiness has gone. I usually end up using a few wipes and a lot of cleanser plus (I hate the sticky stuff :(). Don’t worry about getting rid of all the residue as the rest will come off from washing your hands etc.

Removing the sticky residue

Removing the sticky residue

Once complete, some people like to also add a nail varnish top coat, just for extra protection and extra shine 🙂

You now have a beautiful manicure! ^_^



Two more helpful tips:

Tip 1: Applying some cuticle cream at the end of your manicure will prevent dryness and keep your cuticles soft and smooth.


Tip 2: The best way to clean your brush off at the end is by using the cleanser plus.

This was a long article so I may have missed things out. If I have then feel free to comment below with your own thoughts or questions 🙂

I am no professional at this, this is just the process that has always worked great for me and I am sure it will for you too :)!

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57 thoughts on “Creating UV Gel Nails At Home

  1. Suzieb

    If I need to file after the uv gel has been applied do I file before the uv top coat?

    • Yes, any changes or amendments should be done before you apply the uv top coat – think of the top coat as the very last step. If you have already applied the top coat but realise you need to do more filing then that’s fine, just do more filing and then apply another top coat once you have finished 🙂 hope this helps xx

  2. Brilliant post and info….I have been thinking about getting a home gel kit and this has deffinately given me the right information in an easy to understand way…..Thank you xx

    • Thank you! I would definitely recommend buying a gel kit, it has so many good uses. Even if you apply just a UV gel top coat over your normal nail polish manicure, and then cure it under the UV lamp it lasts ages! Or if ever you want to stick 3D bows etc. on to your nails then UV gel is the strongest thing I have found to keep them in place for a long time! xx

    • Just keep in mind there are two types of builder gel, hard and soak off. What she is using is hard builder gel and has to be filed off. Soak off can be removed by filing the tops then soaking in acetone for 15 to 20 minutes. Harmony/Gelish makes a great soak off structure gel that I love. And IBD also makes a soak off builder gel. Soak off is great for people just starting down the DIY road and are a little scared by the idea of having to file off a hard builder gel. Also most of these gels are self leveling and I find if I turn my hand over and let the gel settle upside down it creates a nice apex over the stress area.
      Also try your best not to poke, pry, and peel any gel nails off it can really damage your nail plate.
      I LOVE doing my own nails, though it is still a learning experience, good luck🙂

  3. Nicole

    Hi 🙂 can I use the uv gel as a base or top coat? I find in some of my clients the gel lifts really quickly so I’m wondering if this will be more durable? 🙂

    • Hey, I have replied to you on Facebook, hope it helps 🙂 xx

      To anyone else reading this and would like to know what I think, just let me know and I will post it here 🙂

  4. hey, we use the same products!!! though i don’t have the hydrator. can you give me a link where to find one on ebay?
    i never managed to succeed on my nails. gel always lifts from the 1st day :/

    • Hey nice to meet you! Hope you found the article helpful. Here’s a link to a good nail dehydrator on eBay:

      The one I’ve got is hard to find because it was listed under a ‘primer’ but when it came it was actually a dehydrator.

      You can prepare your nails without a dehydrator if you didn’t want to buy one. Do this by gently filing the nail bed until it is a white-ish colour and brush away the dust so that it doesn’t get trapped under the gel. If you dehydrate your nail properly in this way and apply a primer then it should work 🙂 . Practice makes perfect 🙂 x

      • thank you so much! it’s hard to find free shipping at some things in Greece. although i think gel doesn’t work for me maybe because my nails are too damaged. i think this has to do something with it.
        anywayz thank you very much, i am glad to have found your site and i hope to be free to ask any questions, in a logical base 😛 byeeee

        • Thank you. You can stop by and ask me anything whenever you like, I’m always happy to help 🙂 . P.s. a good tip for repairing damaged nails is to apply olive oil to them – whenever you wash your hands throughout the day, try and rub a small amount of olive oil over your nails afterwards. If you do this for a few weeks whilst also not cutting or filing your nails and keeping nail polish application to a minimum, you should see good results 🙂 xx

  5. Donna

    Should I use acetone free polish remover to remove tackiness or just usual polish remover

  6. Christina

    Thank you for the article, Nailsxo. Finally a good explanation step by step. I already have everything I need and tomorrow going to do my first homemade gel nails. Really excited!

    • That sounds great, I hope you enjoy doing them and hope the article helps 🙂 good luck xxx

  7. hi, sorry for leaving a comment again 😛 just wanted to let u know i bought i dehydrator, but still i can’t do my job right 😛 i did a friend’s nails, tips and colored gel, and it only lasted like 3 days. it is disapointing if you think it took me 3-4 hours to finish her 😛 i wonder if we could do just a lil talking to walk you through my steps and maybe tell me something i am doing wrong. sorry for askink it’s just i don’t have anyone to help me with this subject and i cannot find my answers on the internet (sad but true).

    Thnx in advance!

    • Hey! You can leave comments whenever you like, I’m totally happy to help :)! If you add me on Facebook via this link we can talk through there. Alternatively email me at so we can talk easier. If you walk me through the steps you take, I can then try and work out where you may be going wrong :). Thanks for getting in touch again xx

  8. Sam

    If you would like a super cheap remover for the sticky residue, I find that rubbing alcohol works the best =)

    • That’s a great tip thanks for commenting 🙂 I will have to try that out for myself, good idea xx

  9. Wonderful post! Thank You! Looking forward to more posts from you! Just a quick question…is the Sina clear nail gel easy to work with? Does it self level? Did it take a long time for you to receive it in the mail?

    • Hi Teri thanks for commenting! Glad you like the post! I’d say it took about 7-10 days to come in the mail, which isn’t bad considering it came from China and I live in England. I find it very easy to work with and therefore I have decided to carry on using the same one instead of changing brand. It does self level to a good standard, though if you are looking for a more perfect leveling then I would recommend a more expensive brand :). Hope this helps you out xx

  10. Odalys

    This is a really good website for how to do nails. Thank you!

    • Thank you very much I’m glad you think so! 🙂

  11. Nancy

    I purchased this Sina kit on Amazon, it came with no instructions, so thank you for your post. I have only one brown “polish style” bottle in the kit and it’s not labeled. It’s not thick enough to be top coat, so it must be either primer or dehydrator. Thin and smells like vinegar.. can you identify by that description? Thanks, Nancy

    • Hi Nancy thanks for your comment. I’ve had this myself so I know what it is – it’s the dehydrator. If you apply it to your bare nails and wait for it to dry (which should only take 1-2 minutes) you will notice that your nails look slightly more dry than they were before. And once you have applied the rest of the UV gel you won’t notice the vinegar-y smell any more! 😀 xx

  12. Great, thanks Emily. So what this means is that my kit did not come with a primer. I assume the primer is an important component for bonding the gel to the nail.

    • Unfortunately it does sound that way. However, in some kits I have tried, the primer has been a similar consistency to the dehydrator and has appeared to do the same job. But then, I have had some kits where the primer has been very similar to the top coat and again, appeared to work the same. I would recommend therefore, applying your dehydrator, waiting for it to dry, and then using your UV gel top coat as a primer as well as a top coat later on. This should gain you the same results as a primer would. I have done this before when I’ve not been able to find my primer. My primer’s in the past have been the same consistency as the top coat and therefore I have judged it to work the same, which it has. For me anyway. I hope this helps you out – it will save you having to buy a primer :).

  13. Nancy

    You’re the best. I’m attaching this information to my review of that kit, so buyers know to consider purchasing additional products. I’ve already noted on the review that the kit does not come with a top-coat. The top-coat is one thing to leave out of a kit since it’s last and you can run out and buy after you’ve finished your manicure. But, when you’re relying on good reviews to sell your product,… not including products which are critical to the nail preparation as it equates to the success of a lasting gel manicure, AND worse yet… not including ANY instructions and not labeling some of the included products is just self-cannibalizing. So many people gave one star reviews saying “peeled off” in short amount of time. Thank goodness for people like you who develop a skill and make time to share it for other’s benefit. Have a lovely holiday. N

    • Yep I agree, I don’t know how they expect people to do their nails properly without the proper equipment! I mean I know the more expensive brands do naturally gain somewhat better results such as longer lasting. However, I use the cheaper brands because I’ve learned that with practice and the correct application you can still achieve great results. So my hope in creating this UV gel article is to show people how to achieve the successful results using only the cheaper brands (as we know UV gel equipment can be quite pricey and not everyone can afford it). So thank you for your great feedback and I’m glad you find this post helpful, it makes the work I put into it worth while :). If you need any help or advice in the future then just let me know. Likewise, if you’d like to share any of your nail creations with me I’d be happy to put them up on my blog under the section named ‘Your Nails’ and I have many more nail art tutorials available too 🙂 x

      Have a lovely holiday also xx

  14. Madison

    Hi there. This might be a dumb question, but I bought some BMC uv nail polish, and I was wondering, do I put this on in the place of the uv gel, or do I put it on top of my finished uv mani?

    • Hello thanks for stopping by!

      The BMC UV nail polish also requires a UV gel base coat & top coat.
      If you are doing this on your natural nails without applying nail tips then you simply need to apply a UV gel base coat, dry it under the lamp, apply your chosen colour from the BMC nail polish, dry it under the lamp and then finally apply a UV gel top coat.

      If you are applying nail tips however, I would also apply the UV builder gel (this is the thickest gel) as this is good support to keep the nail tips in place and apply your BMC nail polish on top of this, and finish with a UV gel top coat.

      Hope this helps, feel free to ask any further questions 🙂 xx

      • Alyssa Mckendrick

        Do I need to use gel nail polish or can I use normal polish with all the other stuff?

      • Carla

        Do I need to remove the tacky layer after my uv builder gel is cured and then can I put gel polish on. Or do I leave the builder gel tacky. Apply a base coat, cure, add polish???
        Thanks x

  15. fros

    hey there! thanks for the review i think that this is the only review of uv gel that actually helped me.
    but i still have a big problem. my uv nails last up to 3 days max without tips just gel on my natural nails. i’m using a jinansun gel kit (yeah i know, i never heard about this aswell until i bought it). i dehydrate my nails without using a dehydrator, (after i file them, i use a 70% alcohol to remove the moisture), then i apply the primer curing it for 2 mins ,and 2 coats of builder gel curing them each for 3 mins. then i draw on to the nail with regullar nail polish, wait it to dry and apply the uv gel topcoat and cure it for 2 mins. i clean up the cuticle area with an orange woodstick or a flat nail brush with alcohol to remove the gel around my cuticles. the problem is that after 1 day my nails turn white around my cuticles like when there’s air between my nails and the gel, and then they come off the next day. first i thought that my nail polish was the problem, but the last time i’ve applied nail polish on my tips only and they still came of the next day.
    i was wondering can you tell me is there something wrong with the gel or i’m doing something wrong?

    • Hi there thanks for stopping by! It’s great to hear you find my article helpful!

      After reading the process you follow it is hard to pinpoint a flaw, you seem to be doing everything as you should! The only thing that I can recommend is that every time you apply a UV gel coat/nail polish coat to your nails, make sure to use a clean up brush and gently swipe across your cuticle area to make sure that no gel or polish is touching your cuticle, there should be a very thin clean line between the polish/gel and your cuticle – but do this before you put your hand under the lamp, because once the gel has hardened it is hard to remove. If gel has hardened too close to your cuticle then it lifts quite easily, so try and avoid this.

      If you have tried this (which I think you might have) and it still lifts then you could try a different UV gel brand. I personally haven’t heard of the one you mentioned so I can’t say anything good/bad about it. The CND Shellac UV gel is a great one and very popular – you can find it cheap on eBay too! Or the Sina one which I use that is also very cheap on eBay!

      If those things don’t work then maybe try a dehydrator too? These are the only things I can pinpoint as you seem to be doing everything the way I would!

      I hope I have helped in some way, good luck :)! xx

  16. Thank you for this site. My nail polish turn mat when I use the cleanser to remove access gel… What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Sandra thanks for stopping by! Depending on the quality of the gel you are using it can sometimes turn matte. Try adding another top coat to see if that helps. If this does not work I can only suggest trying another brand that works for you. Alternatively, after removing the excess gel, try adding a clear nail polish top coat to finish the manicure off – I used to do this when my gel turned matte too. This will make it shiny 🙂 !

      Hope this helps you out, have a nice day xx

      • Steff

        Thank you so much for your reply. I use the same topcoat as you have in your picture. I guess I will try a different one when this one is empty.

  17. Debby

    Hi Emily, can one add on the false tip, dehydrate the nail, use the primer and then before adding the gel, can a normal color nail polish be added to just the tip and then the gel over the color?

    • Hi Debby 🙂 !

      Yep you can do that, that would work perfectly fine, I have done this too. If you are going to apply the builder gel (which I would recommend to keep the tip secure) then apply this before the colour – if you apply the builder gel over the colour then it might make the colour look a bit funny due to the builder gel being thick. So do the builder gel, your nail polish colour and then your clear uv gel top coat on top of that. I hope this makes sense 🙂 just ask of there’s anything you’re unsure about 🙂 .

  18. Debby

    Sorry, I forgot…. the primer I have is a liquid which dries very quickly. It is not a gel of any kind. Will that be the correct stuff to use?

    • Yes that’s fine, the liquid one which dries fast is more of a dehydrator, but it will still do the job x

      • tiffyo

        ya thanks :0

  19. Tanya

    Hello and well done with your most helpful site,it is my are a star and sooooo helpful.
    I normally apply gel polish.
    2 coats polish and top coat or two.
    However I would like to ask you please ,is it ok to apply builder gel before the gel polish to natural nails so as to sculpt them a bit?
    And if ok,can you most kindly tell me the sequence please and any of your great tips would be most welcome!
    I have ordered a soak off builder gel and am awaiting its delivery.
    Looking forward to having a bit of a bulge to my nails if you know what I mean.

    Massive thanks.

    I use a 36 watt LED lamp

    • Hi Tanya, thanks for your nice comments, it’s great to know you find my website helpful :).

      Yes it is okay to apply the builder gel before the gel polish, in fact I would recommend it. The steps you would follow are – Apply your base coat, (cure it under the light if it’s a gel one you are using), apply your builder gel as smoothly as possible (I have wrote some tips in the article to help you with this, such as holding your fingers upside down so that gravity will naturally bring the gel to the right place) and then cure under the light. Next, simply apply your gel polish, cure again (apply another coat of gel polish after this if you need to), and finish with your top coat and cure it.

      If you follow these steps, including the preparation section (filing/dehydrating the nail) and the final steps for removing the stickiness then you should achieve your desired look.

      So you are basically following the same steps as you usually would, but before your gel polish you are applying the builder gel to make your nails nice and thicker :).

      Hope this helps!

  20. Caroline jenkins

    My first kit comes tomorrow and I really need my nails to grow and heal underneath while being protected from ripping and infection they are in a bad way from acrylic nails. I’m hoping this will be the answer I’ve bought an edge kit with lamp off amazon are there any tips for a beginner?

    • Hi Caroline thanks for your question!

      You are definitely on the right tracks to getting better nails by choosing UV gel over acrylic – the acrylic can really mess with your natural nails like you said. Just a little tip for helping your natural nails to recover – gently rub some olive, coconut or almond oil on to your natural nails before you go to bed each night. This really helps to rehydrate them and make them grow strong! This would only work when you aren’t wearing gel over the top, but it’s still worth letting you know :)!

      The Edge Kit is great as it should contain everything you need. My first tip would be to have these UV gel instructions open on your computer so you can follow each step as closely as possible – I have tried to include tips throughout the article to help people. If you follow these steps it will enable you to identify any area that you may find confusing or doesn’t work quite right and then I can help you if you need it.

      As a beginner, the first few times you attempt it, they may not come out as good as you were expecting. This is totally normal, it took me quite a while to get the hang of it and get it the way I want, but practice makes perfect. After each attempt you get better and better and you may even find that you prefer doing things different to the way I have shown, it all really depends on personal preference.

      The main tip is to have patience, and to make sure you attempt this when you have lots of time, they won’t work if you rush them – it took me about 2 hours when I first started doing it.

      If you would like any tips on any specific steps just let me know, and most of all – good luck! I’d love to see pictures, I feature everyone’s manicures on my website who send me them!

      Hope this helps!

  21. Vikki

    Hi ,
    Great post thank you!
    just wondering if you can help me, I have bought all the stuff including soak off builder gel, but im confused about the primer, I have a dehydrater, but is the primer the same as the base coat in regular gel polish (eg cnd shellac?) I have also bought tips to apply, but don’t know if I need to buy a separate primer to the regular gel polish basecoat?
    Many thanks. 🙂

  22. Ashley M

    If i want to paint the nail with a nail polish color. Should i remove the sticky stuff after i build the nail up apply the color then put the gel top coat on and remove sticky stuff again?

  23. Carla

    Once you have applied the builder gel and cured, do you need to file it? I thought you had to take off the shine before applying a polish?
    Thank you

  24. Denicia

    Hi, I’m just curious as to what gel line you use. I want to start doing my own nails, because I cant afford to keep getting them done. But don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on the IBD line.

  25. Klaudia

    Great website, it just came up to my mind today how much money I could save if I got myself gel nails kit and your post just helped me so much. Definitely ordering it now 🙂

  26. Bella's Perfect 10

    Can you tell me more about the gel that is cured using water? please and thank you.

  27. Kristy

    Hello:) I was reading all the comments and I feel like if anyone knows the answer its gonna be you:).. So I know your feelings on acrylic and I agree 🙂 lol the damage for some reason hasn’t scared me off yet lol but back to my question , I do my nails 3 maybe four times a year (the only time out of a year I’m actually out of work long enough to do them)and I use acrylic with tips then I use a gel topcoat ?. It’s awesome , it lasts literally 3 weeks ( before it really needs a fill) strongest nails ever (I do it myself) I was wondering if you had any idea if the uv light does anything to the acrylic?

    -sty its long and a little silly now that I’m done lol

  28. Is it possible to use a white UV gel as my builder gel ? So I can just have a all white gel nail as my finished product. If so what is the best way to do it ? Tips or comments……..anyone ??

  29. Cristina

    Hi. I have a doubt.
    Should I apply the gel colour varnish before or after the builder gel?

  30. Kim Donovan

    I did the gel builder step by step and the gel doesn’t seem to cure, it’s gooey, I have even cured it 5 minutes under an LED lamp, what could be my problem?

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