How To Start A Nail Art Blog!

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Starting a nail-art blog was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I want to show you how you can do the same. You don’t need to be a tech-genius (or even really have a clue what you’re doing!), all you need is your nails, some passion and a camera!

Since I started showing off my nails on Nailsxo I’ve:

  1. Met so many nice people who love nail-art like I do,
  2. Been sent some really cool nail-art products and polish to review,
  3. Got to show off designs I’m proud of and be inspired by other people’s designs,
  4. Made money through advertising.

I know so many girls who, like me, love showing off their nails. But most people don’t realise how easy it is to set up a blog! You can even earn money from it if you start getting lots of visitors.

So here’s how you can set up a blog, quickly and easily. It only takes about 10 minutes, you can even do it for free if you’d prefer! (I recommend going paid for quite a few reasons. You get a lot more control, your own website name, more space, faster loading times, a better choice of designs and more customisation).

I recommend, as many, many other bloggers do, that you go with Bluehost. Their website is reliable, their customer service is quick and professional, and they offer the best value for money. Bluehost basically give you a space of the internet for your shiny new blog.

This guide is to get you set up, and next I’ll be bringing one out to help you write posts, design your blog, post your pictures, etc!

*Note* – if you click the link to Bluehost it will open in another window, should you wish to create your blog as you follow this guide.

So here’s my simple, step-by-step guide on how to start a nail art blog!

Step 1: Go to

How to set up a nail art blogClick ‘get started now’

Step 2: Selecting your plan

How to set up a nail art blogI signed up for the ‘plus’ account because I really wanted my blog to be able to grow. If you’re just testing the water and only want to build one blog, just go for the starter. I really wouldn’t recommend going for the business pro.

Step 3: Choosing a name

How to set up a nail art blogSo one of the main reasons I highly recommend paying for a blog is so you can choose your own name! Here’s a few things I’d highly recommend.

  1. Try to find a ‘.com’ (they are just way more popular worldwide),
  2. Make it short, sweet and easy to remember.
  3. Don’t use punctuation and double check your spelling!

Step 4a: Filling in your details

How to start a nail art blog
Very self-explanatory this part, just fill in the form with your personal details.

Step 4b: Add-ons

How to start a nail art blog

I really don’t think you need a lot of these add-ons. The only one you might consider is the ‘Domain Privacy Protection’, which basically means that people can’t look up your address.

Step 4c: Billing information

How to start a nail art blogAgain, this bit is really easy – simply enter your billing information and agree to the T&C’s.

Okay! Now your account is created, lets get your blog set up!

Step 5: Creating a WordPress blog

How to create a nail art blogYou should have been emailed a username and a password when you created your account, so use those to log-in!

Step 5b: Click WordPress

How to create a nail art blogClick on ‘Install WordPress’

WordPress is basically a website builder. It’s completely free with Bluehost, and soo easy to use. It’s the only reason a person like me with no computer experience was able to build a website.

Step 6: Installing WordPress

How to create a nail art blogYou’ll then be faced with this page, where you simply click ‘install’

Step 6b: Installing WordPress into the right place

How to create a nail art blogThis bit is just for people who want to install WordPress to somewhere else on their website. Unless you have a good reason to, just leave this screen as it is and click ‘check domain’

Step 6c: Choosing your WordPress details

How to create a nail art blogSo you can just click install now and you’ll be given some details, but I recommend clicking ‘advanced options’ and choosing an admin username and password. This will be how you log in to WordPress most of the time.

Agree to the T&C’s and you can start the fun!

Now you can start to design your website and create some content. I’m in the middle of creating some helpful posts that will show you how to do all these things, but for now, you can find some great info here.