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Hello everyone, today I have another ‘Inspired by Nailsxo’ post for you 🙂 !

This is Tracey who I met on Twitter. She has her own Jewellery website selling stunning pieces (see here). This is what her bio states “Finder of all things Sparkly. Sparkletrove is the home for vintage & modern jewellery from the Chic 20’s to the Swinging 60’s & into the naughty 00’s”

She is so lovely and always supports my work, and she even posted these amazing nails below stating that I had inspired her to paint her nails after so long of not doing them:

sparkle on twitterHow amazing/funky are these nails? I love everything about them! They are so colourful and fun and look so neat, and she has actually inspired me because now I want to create something like this ^_^ !

What does everyone else think of these? If you would like to follow Sparkletrove on Twitter then here is the link. She is always posting and is very supportive.  Don’t forget to check out her beautiful jewellery too!

Thanks for reading, I have some more ‘Inspired by Nailsxo’ posts coming out soon so look out for them 🙂 and tag me if you’re inspired in the meantime, I love seeing everyone’s work. You can find all my social media buttons at the side.

Emily xo

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